Thursday, July 1, 2010

Full Circle

Everything in life comes full circle and yesterday was one of those moments that I realized this. You see I never thought I'd have a little girl. I dreamed it - yes and planned those Mommy/Daughter dates in my head but as I started having children and had boy after boy after boy I knew it wasn't going to happen. Even when I got pregnant the last time I knew it was a boy - we just didn't make girls so it wasn't possible. I saved a few things that meant something to me but as I got older I knew they would probably sit and collect dust - one was the blanket that was by far my absolute favorite - I still have that to this day! and the other was a baby doll I got when I was probably 4 or 5 years old. I named her Angel - ironic that I now have a baby doll named Angel when the man I married has an ex wife named Angel - I think not. Anywho when I got her on my birthday it was like I'd been handed a million dollars! I took her everywhere with me and never put her down. She required surgery one time because she was so worn! She was a large doll and very VERY real looking - at the time I think she was probably one of the most real looking ones you could find. My dad and stepmom hated her!!!!! I think she freaked them out because she looked so real - but she was my favorite! She now has one eye that looks very lazy- I think that is when I pulled her eyelashes out - really I don't know why I did that but she has the scars. I used to have an issue biting my nails(bad issue) and when I couldn't bite mine well I'd bite hers and she has those scars too. I told you I was weird!

This picture is grainy but it's 23 years old too - it's amazing to look at the difference in pictures that we take now and those that were taken when we were children.

Yesterday I was getting clothes out of the shed for a consignment sale later this summer and Lucas asked me what that big "old" :( baby doll was doing in there. I figured now was as good a time as any to pull her out and see what Allie would do with her. She LOVED her!!!!!!! I cleaned her up as best I could and changed her 20+ year old clothes -when I cleaned out Allie's baby clothes I kept a good bit and put them in boxes for babydolls - I knew the day would come she would want blankets/towels/washclothes/clothes and I figured why not save the money then and just have it already so we dressed her and Allie had a blast!

I just realized when I looked at this picture how dirty my glass is - that will be cleaned first thing this morning!!!

Kinda symbolic looking at my little girl playing with the same exact baby doll I did when I was little.

Oh and by the way - her name has been changed to Lily!!!




Annie said...

awww....that is so sweet! awesome that you saved her for so many years :)...Lilly is as big as Allie!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I like the new name. What a very cool thing. I still have my dolls from when I was a child to and believe it or not my son played with them more than the girls. they were never into babies or barbies. I know GASP. I loved barbies.
What a sweet post. I am so glad that Allie is loving the baby doll as much as you did. It looks great too for being so old. You did a great job of cleaning it.

Vicky said...

Oh I love these moments!! How sweet is she with that doll :) My Susie was loved on relentlessly from my two BOYS... I ended up taking her away or she would have been destroyed...

Just precious!!

Alicia W. said...

How neat is that! I wish that I could find something like that from my childhood but my Dad's house burned down in my teens and I lost everything.. trophies, clothes I had saved and all. :(

Crazy how much picture quality has changed over the years too.

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, yes, that doll is huge!! But, how sweet that she plays with her now, too!!!!!

Just Jiff said...

That is a HUGE babydoll! And very realistic looking. Wow.

But soooo precious to see Allie playing with her. Love it!

Stacy said...

Aw that is just precious! We moved around a lot when I was little so I do not have anything from my childhood.

Laura said...

Awww that is so cool! I bet watching her play with that baby just makes you smile.

I like the name change too. :)


how incredibly sweet.

Kelly said...

Abby loves playing with my old doll, that I used to take everywhere. The only difference is mine is kinda scary looking and it weighs a ton. Thanks for the great post (I might have to copy the idea soon)
Have a great 4th of july!