Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's flying by..

Time that is. My precious baby girl is three months old today. I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly...I just want it to slow down alittle. She is such an absolute blessing.

My precious Allie:

I am so incredibly lucky to be your mommy. I want you to know that you will always be loved and I will be right by your side no matter what. I so look forward to watching you grow and doing all the things that mothers and daughters get to do together. From watching your first smile to your first laugh to holding onto my fingers you have made me the luckiest and most proud mommy in the entire world. I am so excited for what's to come.

Love: Your Mommy

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family Pics

We FINALLY went and got family pictures done....wayyyyyyyyyyy overdue! Also got Allie's done...of course I have taken tons of pictures of her with my camera but I had not gotten the professionally taken yet. My dad and stepmom came and we got a family pictures taken and one of them with kids. Couldn't talk my mom into coming so hopefully I can chain her down and get that done later. I tell never fails to amaze me the stress of having pictures done. It takes me days to get everything ready and nerves of steel to deal with kids in the studio and drink after drink when I get home. However...they are done and I am happy with the outcome...if only I could take off 20 lbs now...everything would be perfect!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Picture of the week

Updated: Okay I had no idea that so many people could come up with such crazy ideas about what this picture was. It's very innocent!!! Caleb and Allie holding hands...okay so my life isn't as exciting as many of you thought it was! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First day all over again

I am officially old...I have a second grader and it is depressing. What scares me more than having a second grader is next year having a kindergartener and a third grader. Lucas' first day of school was today. My house was actually rather calm as it can be with a 4 year and an 18 month old running around. But they got along...they played...they didn't fight...and noone was was heaven! He is in a team teaching class this year so it's a new experience for us. There are well over 40 kids in his class and they have two teachers. I was very concerned about it at the beginning but he seems to like it...I am trying to give it a chance and see how it works out before I start complaining and for those who know me you know that's harder than it sounds! He had a great first day and best of all for him(that is)is he had no homework. He was home for 20 minutes when the first fight broke much for calm,huh?


I don't know if I have said this lately...but I just adore this little girl!!! She is doing really well holding her head up at tummy time. I am not able to get as much of that in as often as I'd like since I have kids running around all the time. It's limited to nap times and on my bed. Took these yesterday....she's just aboslutely perfect!

Save My Life

I know I aren't supposed to depend on tvs for entertainment when it comes to your children. I really try not to but there are times I just have to have a break. I recently moved the tv from my kitchen into the boys room.....strictly to watch dvds cable or anything in least that way I can know what they are watching and have control over it. It's not news that Lucas and Jacob don't get along when they are together(when they are apart they are constantly asking when the other is coming and how much they miss each other)so this was a minor miracle. I walked in and they were actually quiet and behaving. This could very possibly save my life. Or so I thought....

It only lasted for about 15 minutes after I left the room...then they were back to normal!

I can hope,can't I?

Undying Love

It amazes me everyday how much Caleb just adores Allie. I see it day in and day out and I am still awestruck. She was laying on her jungle gym a couple of days ago and he crawled in there with here. After kissing her and hugging her...he just layed beside her for a while. Amazing....I have never ever seen a bond like those two have! I am such a lucky person to be able to see this on a daily basis...I have no idea what I did to deserve it but I am incredibly blessed!

Way Over Due

We had David's brother and his family over for dinner on Saturday. Well part of his family...they actually have three boys but only the youngest came. They had not seen Allie since she was born...amazing how you can live so close to people and yet see them so little. Suppose we let life get away...I tell myself and others all the time that we are going to try and do better...get together more often and keep in touch and then we lose track once again. Lucas and Noah had a great time playing...they played several rounds of twister....very fun to watch. Hopefully we won't get too caught up in things this time and be able to get together again soon. Surely I'm not the only one like that,am I?

Here's Lucas and Noah playing twister...I forgot how fun that game was. If only we were able as adults to still play and be able to move the next day!

Uncle Charles and Allie

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Thought I would clear up how to comment. If you get an update everytime I post then click on the link at the bottom of the email and it will take you to my actual blog page. Then go to the bottom of the post and there will be a comment on that and leave your can either log in with your google/blogger id or you can do it anonymously if you don't have an account..just sign your name so I know who it's from :) So if you want to comment that's great...I love hearing from everyone!

Monday, August 11, 2008

4 of a Kind

I am trying to regularly get pictures of all 4 kids now. Harder than it sounds...finally was able to get them to sit still for one just a couple of days ago. Took at least 10 tries to get a good one but it was worth it!!

Baseball Ready

Lucas is busy getting ready for baseball...he can't wait! Fallball practice starts Thursday season and much less stressful than regular season baseball. He,David and Jacob were out in the yard playing the other night and I had to's so much fun to watch them three of them's times like these when Lucas and Jacob are getting along that remind me how close they will be when they grow up. What a great relationship they have...even though they spend most of their time arguing and trying to hurt one another...maybe that brings them closer? Or so I can think,right?

Bed Making

Lucas and Jacob are constantly making beds on the couches this summer. They go and gather up blankets and multiple pillows and layer the entire couch with blanket after blanket...there can be 4 or 5 blankets underneath them. Then they put their pillows on there and lay down while pulling more blankets on top of them. Why they do this I have no idea however it has become almost a daily occurance since school let out in June. They watch tv,play video games and watch movies while laying on their makeshift beds during the day. The other day I was feeding Allie and Caleb hopped up on the couch with Jacob in his "bed". First time he has ever expressed an interest in this..usually just goes out playing and minding his own business...of course right after the pictures were taken he was up causing trouble again!! Cute while it lasted though!

Allie's move

We visited with my parents this past weekend so I haven't been able to blog much lately. I have so much to post so more updates will be coming soon. For now we are home and trying to get settled in. Allie has been in a small crib by my bed since she came home from the hospital...I took it down to take to my parents so she could sleep in it and when we came back yesterday I didn't unpack it...just thought we would see how she did in her bed. So last night for the first time she slept in her crib and slept there all night long. She's almost 10 weeks old and time is just flying by. Stay tuned in...will try and update with pics soon!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Allie has just started smiling consciously. When she does it takes over her entire face. To die for!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Allie's 2 month Checkup

I took this at Allie's 2 month checkup last week and it's one of my favorites thus far. I just love it!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I haven't tried to get Allie out in the pool yet but the other night we were all out there and I decided to let her have her first taste of the water. We just dipped her feet in and I will say she loved it! Really she didn't act as though she cared less what I was doing...but secretly she's going to be an Olympian!!!

Brotherly Love

Caleb absolutely adores Allie. She has very quickly become his favorite person around our house. If I am rocking her he will hop up in my lap just to give her a kiss and then quickly get down. He will walk up to her out of the blue to give her a hug and kiss. If he sees her spitting up you will notice him going to wipe her mouth before anyone even realizes she has spit up. He pays constant attention to her and has adjusted to her better than I ever thought he would. I just love to watch their relationship grow day to day.

Grandma King

Grandma visited in July and stayed for about two weeks. We saw her as much as possible so the kids got to spend a good amount of time with her. She lives in OK so we don't see her very often...the kids had a very good time with her and left with memories that I believe they will carry with them for life. She absolutely adored Allie and I must say I believe Allie loved her too. She has never been around any of my kids this young so this was a treat. Everytime we were there she was drawn like a magnet to Allie and didn't want to put her down until it was time to leave. We miss her dearly and hope she will visit again very soon. Here's a few pics from her trip.


Well I started this before Allie was born and I have been extremely slack. I am going to get the blog fixed up but for now I just need to start posting. I love to scrapbook but since Allie has been born I have not gotten my supplies out a single time so I am going to do a sort of verbal scrapbook as to be able to remember everything when the kids are older and I actually have time to sit down and pour myself into my supplies again. Hope everyone enjoys keeping up with the kids and seeing them grow on a daily basis...As crazy as life is right now I enjoy every minute of these gorgeous children!

Jacob and Caleb have had colds for the past few days. I've done nothing other than constantly fetch tissues and wipe noses. My entire goal in this is to keep it away from horrible as it sounds I really don't care who else gets it as long as I can keep her healthy.

Lucas starts back to school on the 19th but with this weekend being tax free weekend we went and got his school supplies this afternoon. I believe we have that done mostly however I know when we go for meet the teacher night we will receive another list. I don't believe I have ever been more ready for school to start back. What a LONG summer this has been. Will be ready to get back in the swing of things day to day and start to get Allie on a schedule.

Speaking of Allie..I just can't say enough about her. I never ever thought I would want a girl but I am absolutely,completely and utterly in love with her. I am so looking forward to all of the things we are going to do together and the relationship is so different in many ways than that I have with my boys. I pray that we grow to be the best of friends and I just can't wait to share so many things with her. She is the most beautiful little girl that I have ever seen. She is really starting to come into herself and develop her own personality. She started today putting her hands in her mouth....watching her change and grow everyday is so much fun. She went to the doctor on Thursday of last week and had to have her two month shots...I took all of the kids with me so it was a very interesting trip and a full waiting room. When she got the shots...Lucas and Jacob stood in the corner and cringed and had tears in their cute. The kids have really taken to her...especially Caleb.