Monday, July 12, 2010

4th Photo Attempts

On the 4th I wanted to get some pictures of all of the kids together. I had gotten flag shirts a while before at Old Navy and thought it was a good opportunity for a few pictures of all of them together. David laughed at me of course because he said he had never seen someone change their kids clothes just to take pictures right before they were going to do smores and mess them up anyways - oh well I'm here to put firsts in his life I suppose :)

                                I love Allie in this one - the 3 others are kinda out of it though

                                    Now Lucas is in the picture and the remaining 3 are out of it

                                                         Jacob manhandling Caleb's head :)

                                                                  Caleb totally out of it!!

We headed outside and I could tell right away they weren't so into it - I was getting cheesy fake smiles the entire time so I just took what I could get.

As soon as we finished with the 4 of them Lucas scooted inside - he obviously wasn't into my idea of getting individual shots.

                                Ummm...yeah act like you actually know how to smile please!

                                                                 Thank you very much!

Caleb wasn't as into it either - he was more interested in laying down on the grass than anything which of course Allie had to do too :)

                                    Cheesy smile!!!! but better than nothing at all I guess.

                                                            Monkey see....Monkey do

She was more interested in scooting than anything!

                                                                             Happy yet?

                                                                              Still no?

She really is girly in sooo many ways! She loves to have her finger and toenails painted and loves to do her hair and play with makeup and dolls but she always has a true rough side to her too - what do you expect she literally lives at the ballpark 90% of the year. She can hang with the boys too :)

And for good measure because out of all the others I got this one - I've shown it before and it doesn't show her face but it shows her true personality and has become one of my favorite pictures ever!!!!!




He & Me + 3 said...

Your children are so cute. I just cannot get over Caleb's hair. I love it & his brown eyes.
Taking pictures of children really is not easy at all. WAit til you see the outtakes of the pictures I took for Stacey of her boys....If she posts them :) Too much.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

You got a ton of great shots! I love the one of them laying on the ground:) Eli is such a copy cat too!

Stacy said...

I would have changed their clothes too:)

CUte pictures!

Pink Shoes Photography said...

I love all the pictures!! You did a great job. Your children are adorable!!

The No cry sleep solution is easy but it takes about a week or so. Google the book It's by Elizabeth Pantly, it will have a ton of info.

I can't possibly explain it. It is a lot of info.

Laura said...

It's impossible, right!?
But that what makes the picture...if my kids were both sitting still smiling at the camera it really wouldn't show the real them! :)

Erin said...

i think they are cute. I love all the different ones. That is the one thing I have learned . . getting 4 kids to look at you at the same time is hard. You hear me shouting silly things and doing crazy things and making crazy noises just to get there attention. I am sure if someone took pictures of me while taking pictures of kids it would be funny.

Annie said...

awww...I think that they are all cute!! You can see their little personalities :)

Veronica said...

That last pic if my fav too! Love the shirts too! We got the exact same ones for us and they were super comfortable!


What sweet pics. I have a hard time getting all 7 of mine in a pic together.

My 4 year old loves having her toenails painted too, but still loves the mud lol.

Leslie said...

Oh my gosh, your kids are great (and I, personally, love groupings of pics like this where one or two kids is looking in each but never everyone - shows a family like it is in reality). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last one of your little girl! That's a MAGICAL picture!