Friday, January 28, 2011

5 Question Friday

I woke up with a raging headache this morning - I get them from time to time - in horrible migraine form - have had them since high school and they're horrible. I can't take anything for them during the day because I'm by myself with the kids and I absolutely can not function when I take them. So I plug on through and try to make it through the day. I laid on the couch this morning with the two babies and a hot compress on my head for almost 2 hrs because I could actually get up and partly function for the rest of the day. However it's close to 5 now - my headache is alittle better but better or not - WE GET A DATE NIGHT TONIGHT!!! I'm so estatic it's not funny! We haven't been out by ourselves on a date since our anniversary in June. I'm so ready. I really want to take a weekend and go somewhere but first things first.

Since I can hardly see straight and my vision is blurry out of my left eye because of my migraine it's a good thing it's Friday and time for 5 Question Friday. I'm not sure I could muster up anything more than random questions and answers right now.

Head over to see Mama M. at My Little Life to join in on the fun!!!!

1. If you had $1,000 to donate to a charity, which would you choose?

Children's Hospital hands down. When Lucas was a baby we spent a good bit of time there with RSV and meningitis and they are wonderful. I absolutely adore what they do for those little babies that are so innocent and helpless.
2. Snow days: Do you welcome them happily or are they a pain in your butt?

At this point this year they're a pain in my butt however most of the time we are very happy about them. We've had more snow in South Carolina than we've had in years and have had way too many snow days already - after being snowed and iced in for 6 days I don't want another for a very very long time and I'd rather not be still making school lunches into July either.
3. What talent did you wish you had and why?

I wish I could sing. Doesn't have to be a fabulous money making voice but I wish I could just sing so I didn't sound foolish when I was doing so. Wishing Wishing Wishing.

4. Are you a news, politics or celebrity gossip junkie?

News! I used to be obsessed and always have CNN or FoxNews on 24 hours a day. Now I can't get Caillou, Barney and Max and Ruby off my tv long enough to watch the weather.
5. What is your favorite "cocktail"? (Are you a beer person, a kiddie cocktail junkie, or perhaps your more the "Cosmo" kind?! Anything flies...doesn't hafta be alcoholic!)

If you asked me this about 4 years ago I'd have said an amaretto sour however those of you that know me and have been around for a while know that my husband has battled alcoholism for years now so we don't drink. I am proud to say he is now in recovery and doing great but out of respect for him I don't drink either.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Life ~ Week 3

I haven't taken a lot of pictures in the past week - other than keeping up with Project Life I have done very little. I'm still struggling with the motivation to get things accomplished. I'm ready to get that "spring" back in my step soon.

This is week 3 of Project Life and I'm linking up with Jessica over at The Mom Creative.  I've had a lot of people ask me What is Project Life exactly? Becky Higgins, who is the creator of Project Life explains it best here. I, personally, do a picture a day which I will admit is a little demanding. There are days I get to bedtime and realize it was a crazy day and I haven't taken a picture yet. That's when I find myself photographing the small day to day details that I know I will want to remember 10 - 20 years down the road. Maybe pictures that my kids will look back on one day and appreciate more than just a smiling face perhaps. A picture a day isn't for everyone though and that is what is awesome about Project Life and the system that Becky has created. You can do a layout a week or month or just events that are going on in your life. You can make it work for you - and go as in depth as you would like. I have completed the first two weeks in my album and have taken pictures of my first completed week so that you all can see - those of you that don't have the album and have asked about it.

First off - here's my third week.

My grandmother was here visiting from OK and she is a phenomonal cook. We made homemade doughnuts which is something I've wanted to learn for so many years. I SO enjoyed the time we were able to spend with her and I tried to soak up every little thing I possibly could from her.

This is one of my favorite pictures EVER! Caleb has this true infectious laugh that can get me everytime. It's something I want to freeze frame and never ever forget - then I got this picture during his and Daddy's tickle fest - I ADORE it.

This picture is my life in a nutshell. Little girl things surrounded by cars, trucks and blue 24 hours a day. There were so many days and years that I never thought I'd have a baby doll in my house - now I'll buy them until I'm blue in the face!

This is one of those days I forgot to take a picture until after most of the day was over. Here's our lunch line up on a nightly basis. I don't enjoy making lunches everyday but at least this way I know what they're eating - if they eat at school I assure you they wouldn't be eating the fruits and veggies! Won't be long I'll have more lunches in the line up - that's scary!

Caleb in his prized police car - This is all he wanted for Christmas from Santa and Santa had a hard time chasing one down :) This is by far his favorite thing right now - it's adorable to see him turn the sirens on and start talking into the walkie talkie.

Allie is a definite book lover - she will sit and flip through book after book for a long while. I love that they are developing a love for reading early on.

This has to be in the top 10 ten days of 2011 and we just started. We received the title to our car today and aside from my marriage license I think it could be my favorite piece of paper EVER!!!!

Here is my first weeks layout in my Project Life album. It's hard to take a picture of it because of the page protectors so these aren't very good. When you order the album through Becky you get absolutely everything you need - the album, page protectors, stickers, journaling cards and so much more. I haven't put the dates on my cards or the stickers yet - I just realized I still need to do that.



Friday, January 21, 2011

5 Question Friday

Do you know that the weather man has the gall to even mention the words snow and ice in his forecast for Monday afternoon/night? Surely he knows better than that - my children have been back at school for 4 days after 10 straight days inside my house. I'm not sure I can do that again. We live in South Carolina for goodness sakes - we're not in Minnesota or Canada! We should have 40-50s temps not snow and ice storm systems just a week apart from each other. Join me in praying for no winter weather!

Now for 5 Question Friday - Head over and visit Mama M. at My Little Life to join in.

1. Where did you meet your spouse and did you instantly know it was love?

Oooh this is an interesting story. I am a big believer in fate and soul mates without a doubt. When I look back on our story there isn't a doubt in my mind that it was fate and that we were meant to be together. My mom heard from a friend about a local HVAC company that was hiring for a dispatcher in their office. I went by to fill out an application and was told that they had already filled the position so it was no longer available. I left and went about my life for the next couple of weeks. Then out of the blue my mom said that she heard the girl that they had hired didn't work out and they had let her go. They had not put an ad in the paper or even said they were hiring again so I took a chance and went by again. This time they did indeed confirm that she hadn't worked out and let me fill out an applcation. 2 weeks later I was hired and in the office. The very first morning I worked there all the technicians came into the office before they headed out on their calls. I vividly remember the second that David walked through the door and at that moment I knew there was something about him. I didn't pursue it because I was currently in a relationship and engaged nonetheless. He instantly became a favorite though among the techs at the company. He didn't give up as easily as I did however - he continued to flirt and then one day out of the blue he asked me "How hard would it be to get that ring off your finger?" Now I know it wasn't the best time and maybe not the nicest thing to do at the time given the relationship I was in however that one quickly ended and the rest is history..... it's a decision I've never once regretted!

2. What is your favorite room in your house?

It would have to be Allie's room. Maybe because I finally have pink in the house but I adore her room. The quote on her wall - "Such a big miracle in such a little girl" and the pink and green I just love it!

3. Can you wiggle your ears?

No - that's kinda weird though it might be interesting to see someone that could. Would you even call that a talent?

4. What is your evening ritual?

We have an 8 o clock bedtime for the kids when they are in school and it's pretty strict. 8 o clock means 8 o clock. As soon as they are in bed most nights everything is done. I usually try to make lunches for the next day after they get home from school in the afternoon so that's done. Everything else I try to get ahead on too so when they go to bed we can spend time together. We usually just lay in the bed and watch tv while I'm on the computer - okay maybe that's not spending so much time together :) He hates that I bring my computer with me to bed :(

5. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?

This has greatly diminished since I've had children. It used to be 10-11 hrs of sleep but I'm at about 6 now. If I get any less than that I am a mess the next day but if I get a lot more than that I feel tired.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Do you ever feel like you're just not good enough? Like you won't ever make someone proud? You hear people tell you they're proud from time to time but do you ever get the feeling deep down like there is something you could do better that would please them more. Why do other people's opinions mean so much? I can't even put into words how many times I've felt this way - nothing I do will ever be enough. There will always be something they will see that is wrong with me.

I'm having one of those days today. I have the four best accomplishments in the world - they may be wild, loud and crazy from time to time but deep down they are good kids and I know it and I'm proud of them. I want them to always know that I am proud of them - I will never EVER let a day go by without them knowing just how proud I am and they will always know that not only are they enough but they are more than enough. I never ever want my children to doubt themselves - I never want them to sit by themselves and wonder what else they could do to be good enough - EVER!



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project Life ~ Week 2

I can't believe we're already finishing up the second week of 2011 - I'm having a great time doing this project again this year. I'm still in catch up mode for 2010 so I'm happy that I'm staying on top of for 2011.

Jacob and Lucas both got bb guns for Christmas. Jacob has been wanting a bb gun for as long as I can remember so he and his Daddy went outside in the backyard this afternoon to try it out for the first time.

My new piece of kitchen artwork that my dad made me for Christmas. Can you say LOVE IT?!!!!

First day of our "snow in" - no makeup on in this picture but I absolutely love how all the boys are looking at the camera and are happy!!!!!!

I am loving the lineup of everyones boots!

After the freezing rain and sleet on top of snow we had a layer of ice - made it very easy to sled or snowboard as Lucas and Caleb tried to do.

When you've been stuck in the house for 5 days the kids start getting creative with things to do. Their own unique buildings.

My grandmother is visiting from OK and we have been so blessed to be able and spend a little time with her over the weekend. This is one of my favorites!

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