Thursday, September 30, 2010

Catch Up

Seems it's extremely hard to get organized and back in the swing of things these days. I have no idea what's gotten ahold of me but I can't seem to get everything in order again.

We've spent an awful lot of time at the ballpark and very little at home it seems. Between doing things at school and being on the baseball field seems I'm constantly playing catch up. Lucas started travel ball this year and we played in our first tournament two weeks ago - we ended the weekend 2 and 2. We play in our second on this weekend - I think once I get everything in order with the new team things will settle down (I hope so at least).

I never get tired of watching him play ball - I get tired of all the huss and fuss that goes on around the ballpark with 3 other kids but I could sit and watch him play all day long. Then again I know that it will seem like no time has passed and the 3 others will be grown and gone so I think I'll stay right where I'm at right now.

This little girl sticks right by my side the entire weekend! Wherever I am - behind the plate taking pictures,sitting in a chair, walking behind the dugout,on the first base line - she's running after me. The other two are usually playing somewhere but not her - she's my sidekick!

He's stuck in this rut with his arm right now - he is still hitting well but his arm is obviously not in the right place. One more thing I'm sure they'll be working on :)

                                               Love this one!!!! He looks like a natural!



Friday, September 24, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Everybody knows we're a baseball family. We live, breathe and eat baseball it seems 24 hours a day. If David could start the boys playing at 3 yrs old then he would. Fortunately the local league around here won't start them until they are 4 or 5. Of course he thinks Allie is going to play too - I have other things to say about that though. I deserve a gym for gymnastics or a dance studio at least once in my life I think.

T ball is cute and funny because the kids are first starting out but when you're going from action packed kids pitch games to a t ball game back and back you kinda get the feeling you're sitting there watching paint dry. You can't start coaches pitch until you're 7 around here so this is Jacob's first year getting to play what we call "the first years of REAL ball". He's really enjoying it and he's far beyond his age in skill right now. He still needs a little work on batting but let me tell you that boy has an arm. Not only does he have an arm but he's got a straight pitch that's fast and clearly has something to it. He wants to be a pitcher - he made his mind up a year or so ago and has not wavered since. He's still got 2 years before he's able to actually pitch and I hope the desire doesn't leave him.

I think he may even get a little bored at this level -here is what he was doing during the game. I have no idea what was going on in his mind but he obviously was having a good time.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless/ful Wednesday

There is nothing I love more than to watch this man play baseball! And I adore how he's passing that love on to our children!!!!



Saturday, September 18, 2010

Caleb and Allie's New School

I'm way behind in blogging right now so I'm going to try to catch up. Caleb and Allie started preschool a few weeks ago and I feel like we're just beginning to get our feet back underneath us. They are going 2 days a week for three hours a day.

I was so excited when I found out I was able to get them enrolled at this preschool - it's by far one of the best around our town and one of the hardest to get into. I have never ever heard a single bad thing about this school. I really wasn't sure that I wanted to put Allie in yet but when I got there and they had an opening I was scared not to take it - my luck I'd have gotten Caleb in and then next year Allie's age group would have been full. I was worried about Allie from the beginning - whether she was ready or not - how she would adjust and exactly how she and I would handle the transition. I knew Caleb would do okay - all I heard was how ready he was to go to school day in and day out all summer while we were waiting for the first day.

We had meet the teacher too. I couldn't be more pleased with their teachers !! They both really like their teachers and surprisingly Allie went straight to hers and gave her a hug - I was shocked!

The first day went great - they both dropped off good with no tears. When I picked them up I heard they only had a few tears throughout the morning but overall did great. Second day wasn't quite as good. It took a few days for Caleb to catch on and want to go without tears but now he's excited and ready to go and can't wait to play when he gets there. He's made a great transition!

       As soon as they walked in the door after their first day they hit the floor - I think they were worn out!

Allie is still adjusting I think - I still worry about her. She's been sick for the last week and a half so I'm sure that has contributed to my worries a little. She has dropped off fine and knows to go to her teacher but has been fussier during the morning while she's there. She has had one great day with no tears at all and then she got sick and fussier as the next school day came up. I picked her up early last week and then she didn't go on Thursday because she was sick so I'm anxious to hear how she does on Tuesday morning when it's time to go back. I hope the fussiness that she developed was just because she didn't feel good and I pray she does well. I have been doing a lot at the older kids school while they are in school and have lots scheduled there to keep me busy. I'm not one that can drop them off and come home until it's time to pick them up again - my lazy days will come soon enough and I dread those!



Monday, September 13, 2010

Beach Overload FINALLY

I'm finally getting around to posting about our beach trip - weeks after we got back. We were so excited to go to the beach - it's been a couple of years since we've been and Allie has never been before. It was a long ride and we heard "Are We There Yet?" 8,762,945 times but we finally arrived. We got there and automatically put our bathing suits on to head to the beach and as soon as we headed out the door the rain started. We drove around the strip while the rain was passing and then headed back to the hotel. As soon as it stopped we headed to the beach. I'm glad we went the first day now because it was by far the calmest day at the ocean the entire time we were there and ended up being the only day that Allie wanted anything to do with the water.

Allie was amazed by the water and waves and had a blast in the same the first night. It was low tide and very calm so we could take her and Caleb out a good ways without it being terribly deep. Lucas and Jacob could jump waves and we had a blast!

The second day it was very very rough out in the water. There was a very strong under current and as soon as you got in the water it seemed like you were a 1/4 mile down the beach. It was constant watching to make sure the older boys were within our sight and Allie and Caleb were playing in the sand. Within 30 minutes Allie wanted to go in the pool at the hotel so I headed back with her and we went swimming. As soon as we hit the pool she had the time of her life! My kind of girl - prefers fresh water over salt water and sand!

After a while at the pool we went to the water park and played there for a while. There were waterslides,lazy rivers, and pools that were perfect for the smaller kids.

Later that night we headed to the downtown strip and the kids (and Daddy) played games in an old arcade that David remembered from when he was a kid. We were able to catch a free concert that was awesome and then on our way to the car David and Lucas decided they wanted to do the slingshot. That was the ride of a lifetime for them and priceless for me watching them.

        I love Lucas in this picture - all of the sudden it's like he realizes what he's gotten himself into :)

It was a quick trip but enough for the kids to play and get their fill of the ocean I think. Although I believe Lucas could have stayed much longer :) - he was born to play in the ocean. It felt like an even longer trip home and since we started school the next day it made for a mad dash that night but it was well worth it.

Our last day there we packed everything up and headed out to the beach one final time - once again Allie spent very little time in the water there so after the boys got to boogie board for a while we headed to the pool before we went home.