Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Allie's Big Girl Bed

Allie has never been a very good sleeper. From the time that she came home from the hospital until present day she wakes up night after night. I have rocked and held her while she went to sleep since the day she was born so I know that I haven't helped matters much. However she's a little over 2 now and it has hit me that she needs to learn that she goes to sleep in her own bed. I'm not one for letting them cry it out - I just can't do it regardless of what anyone else says it's just not for me. So yesterday we bit the bullet and I changed her crib to a big girl bed. She loved it!!!! She got on it and played and laid down. I think the coolest part for her was that she could jump on it :)

Last night we had to go and get bedding for her bed because her bumper wouldn't work anymore. She was so excited - I talked it up all day long and by the time we got to the store she was jumping up and down with a huge grin on her face. She picked out what she wanted and got her pillow and then we headed home. We made up her bed and she continued to go in and out of there. In fact she played in there and each time I couldn't find her she was sitting in her bed.

Then it was time to go to sleep - she wasn't such a huge fan of that. I sat beside her (minus the rail we bought) and rubbed her back. She cried and cried and cried - I finally figured that she was used to my direct body contact each and every night so I laid my head down on her pillow and rubbed her head. She put her nose right up against mine and tucked her hands under my head and went right to sleep. It was one of those moments that I will remember in my mind until the day that I die. Such a precious memory! I took her Daddy in there after I got her to sleep and he just stood and stared at her. It was during that as he was kneeling down looking at her that I almost lost it. I've never seen love like that - don't get me wrong he loves his boys and he's a phenomonal dad to them but there's something about a Daddy and his daughter. It was the most raw intimate moment that I've ever been a part of.

She slept in there until 2 and then came into our room - I'm okay with that. I don't mind her coming in during the night as long as she'll go to sleep in her room and stay in there for a while. I just want her to be able eventually to put herself to sleep and then I'm able to read in the bed before I go to bed since she's not in there to start out with.

As for the rail - well the one we got just won't work. Her bottom rail comes up a little bit so it's not even with the bottom of the mattress and the rail has to go down a bit for it to fit. I can't fold it down because of her bed rail therefore it's too high for me to get to her while I'm sitting there and she's going to sleep. She did fine last night without it. We put pillows down in case she rolled off. I went in at one point a little after 11 and she was close to the edge so I moved her over and then at 2 she got out on her own and was calling for her Daddy. I'd say even though she didn't stay in there all night that overall the first night was a huge success!





Stephanie, I really enjoyed this wonderful post. How sweet your baby girl is. I love her bed and the new bedding. My 4 year old loves to lay in her bed and look at books every single night before she goes to sleep. Hoping she will keep her interest in books. Thanks for sharing your precious story. Yes, the memories will last a lifetime.

It was not really cheap doing all the bags, (Yes with DVDs in each one) but so worth it that they will all feel special and know we thought of them too. Have a great day my friend, Audrey

McCrakensx4 said...

That is great. Love the white bed against pink walls. She looks so very happy and excited and I love her new bedding. Here's to many more sleepful night and hoping she stays in her bed all night long!

Kim said...

Aw this is a sweet post. Like you said at least she did fall asleep in her own bed & did a good job at trying. She'll get it. I love her room!!! :) Pink!

Alicia W. said...

I am LOVING the color of her walls! Now that my friend is PINK and soooo purdy. Anyway - back to the post. I still haven't moved Brody into a big boy bed only because he hasn't started to climb out of it yet and frankly, I can just see him getting up all hours of the night and standing beside my bed like a lil Chucky doll scaring the T-Total shit out of me, lol.

You go Allie with your BIG GIRL bed! :)

Cassie said...

I am really nervous about putting Jackson in a big boy bed. I'm convinced that if I do he will get up in the middle of the night and start playing with his toys or something LOL. I am so glad that Allie did pretty well with it though! I still love the color of her walls. Do you think I could convince my husband to let me paint our room that color? LOL

He & Me + 3 said...

She is so cute and getting to be so big. I love the series of pictures. Adorable. I remember those days with all three of mine.

Alicia said...

I just love the white against the pink!! So cute and girly!!

And she looks like a little angel sleeping!!