Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Monday!

I woke up last night to thunder followed by downpours of rain-I woke up this morning to rain and more rain. I am not a happy person this morning. Don't get me wrong I love me some rain! Love it!!! I want to just sit in my bed with a book and the window open and listen to the rain for the entire day. BUT I don't want to be stuck in a house with 4 kids and no husband on a holiday in the rain-that just sucks! So here I am knowing that my house is going to wake up and very quickly sound like the monkey section at the zoo and I'm going to wish I could just throw them outside and let them play in the rain. You tell me that's a good idea?-well let me share a little something with you. It rained yesterday too and yes we let them play in the rain-fun,huh? Well the kids thought so until I had to do baths at 230 in the afternoon because the little ones were so dirty and cold. Then they had to stay inside the rest of the day because really I don't get my pleasures off of doing more than 4 baths a day so I think we'll avoid going outside to play in the rain today.

On a positive note I hit 100 followers last night!!!! Wow! I am speechless that there are people out there that are actually interested in my life. Not only are they interested but that I've developed some wonderful friends through this blog-I've found strong loyal people that are there for me when I just don't have it in me. I'll admit and those of you that have been around for a while know that this past year or two has been tough! I won't lie-there have been days I've felt like just sitting down and quitting. There was never a day when I felt that way though that I didn't get a comment or email from someone lifting me back up. What a godsend you all have been in my life! I'm so thankful for all of my followers!!!

Now since I can't leave you without a picture here's a couple from Lucas' last baseball game. We got knocked out of the tournament with 2 games to go so basically finished 3rd. It was a tough year-we had a few kids on our team that weren't out there to give it their all and were only there because their parents were making them play. Those that were there to play with heart and soul suffered. Thankfully we're starting all stars on Tuesday and that's an entirely different group of kids. They are those that live and breathe baseball - should be a fun summer :)

This picture is blurry bc I had my camera on the wrong setting-I don't know why - really I didn't have anything else to worry about while I was there like a kid spilling orange gatorade all over her shirt or sticky hands from a ring pop all over my body.



Sunday, May 30, 2010

Getting to Know You

This morning as I was surfing around looking at blogs I came across Keely's blog at MannLand5. She does this blog carnival on Sundays called Getting to Know You. Sounds like fun so I figured I would join in-you know me and my obsession with random questions :)

1. Have you ever snooped around someone else's house?

Seriously?!? Oh my more times than I can count. My husband says I am the nosiest person EVER!!! I have serious issues with it-ok well maybe he has issues with it because honestly I don't mind it all that much. I like knowing as much as I can about a person or situation. I wouldn't say I snoop now but back in the day-I was a snoopin queen.

2. Can guys and girls be friends? ( thanks Jen!)

I really think this depends on who you are and what your situation is. After you're married I do think it's a little tougher and it's much easier if husband and wife are friends with the said person. It can get icky otherwise.

3. Can you curl your tongue?

No and I look like an idiot trying-That's when you make all these hilarious faces while you're attempting to do something next to impossible for yourself!

4. Have you ever stolen anything?

I stole $1 from a friend when I was little. I got in trouble and had to pay her back double when I took it back to her house. It was the most embarassing thing to me having to walk up to their door-that cured stealing for me!

5. Would you rather talk on the phone or text?

Text!!! With 4 kids it is difficult to be on the phone without constantly having it sound like a zoo in the background. I am one of those people that wishes every store had a drive thru and everything that you needed to do in life could be accomplished through the computer.

6. Memorial Day plans?

:( My husband has to work on Monday so we're limited on what we can do. Looks like we'll be hanging out around the house.

7. What do you do to relax?

Relax? What's that? I sat on the couch last night at 630 for the first time all day and sat there for a total of 2 minutes before a kid was crying - that was the most relaxed I'd been all day.

8. Do you do anything to honor those that have died fighting for our freedom?

They have a couple of ceremonies where we live for Memorial Day though I haven't been to one in a long time. I pray that we honor those that have given their lives for us everyday by doing the right things in our lives though I don't think we could ever come close to repaying them!



Friday, May 28, 2010

5 Question Friday

Oh my! Things are crazy around our house right now. I have so much going on and lots and lots to catch up on with blogging-think I'll be blogging through the weekend this week :)

Today though is 5 Question Friday and I love me some random questions!!! How bout you? If so head over to Mama M's and join in the fun!!!

1. Is there something you've always wanted to try but just can't muster up the courage to actually do yet?

I would love to bungee jump or skydive!!! I want my husband to do it with me though and since I can't get him to step foot in a plane for even a trip I don't believe he's going to willingly jump out of one. Maybe I could trick him and push him though? :) Or not-just a thought!

2. If you had $100 handed to you in cash without your significant other knowing about it, what would you spend it on?

Oh goodness-I think my biggest obstacle with that would be not telling my husband I had it. Spending it on something would be easy but I tell him everything and keeping that from him would be difficult. I believe I'd feel guilty for spending it on myself and not telling him so I might just buy something for him with it and then I wouldn't feel so bad! He'd love him some race tickets :)

3. What was your favorite piece of playground equipment as a child?

I would spend hours and hours on my swing in the backyard. Seriously I would take my tape player (yes it does make me old!) outside and put it on the ground with New Kids on the Block in it. Oh my-I loved me some New Kids on the Block. I'd turn it up as loud as it would go and just swing away while screaming their lyrics!!!! Fun times!

4. Do you prefer a sweet or hearty breakfast?

Have I told you that doughnuts are one of my favorite foods?!? Honestly they should be a single food group! Biscuits and gravy are yummy too though-my Daddy makes the BEST!

5. Are you a Neat Freak or a Messy Bessy?

A mix of both I suppose. Nothing makes me happier than things being clean and organized but finding the time to do that is another story!!!!!



Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday My Sweet Girl

I feel like I can't think straight right now I've got so much going on. With end of the year school parties,field days,baseball seasons ending,baseball parties and Allie's birthday most days I feel like my head is spinning.

Today though, I am taking it all in and enjoying the day with my little princess. I can't believe it's been 2 years since we first welcomed her into the world. I vividly remember the day we found out we were having a girl-I don't think I've ever seen a smile quite that big on my husbands face.

I had given up hope of having a girl-we only made boys and that was clear :) and now my world has been turned upside down. Who ever thought you could tell the difference between girls and boys personalities so early in life-oh yes the drama has already started!

My Sweet Allie,

You,my darling, are my entire world wrapped up in one little package. I never could have imagined the joy you have brought into my life. These past two years have been a whirlwind of memories with you-memories that I will hold close to my heart every single day.

I remember the very first outfit your Daddy and I bought for you. It was a pink dress and I hung it up on the mantle. I left it there for weeks-and I would look at it every single day in awe of the fact that we had something pink in our house. It couldn't be true that we were going to have a little girl in our arms soon! The day we met you was one of the best days of my life. We couldn't put you down which I am sure started the spoiling from the very first second.

You, my dear are loved beyond words. Never doubt that you are your Daddy's entire world! You will always be cherished and loved and cared for and we are so incredibly thankful for you. I want you to know that I will always be here for you no matter what!!! No judgement - no questions - I'll just be here!

I can't wait until we can have our girl days-going shopping,getting our nails done and just hanging out with each other. I pray that you will always know you will have me in your corner and there is nowhere else I'd rather be! These days you are attached to our bed - you'd much rather sleep with your Daddy and I than in your crib. I suppose I should enjoy it while I can because it won't be long before you won't want to anymore. I am going to soak in every minute of it and pray that you'll stop growing quite so fast - please just go a little slower for me!!

Happy 2nd Birthday my love!



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I HEART Faces-Yellow

I HEART Faces is a photography website that features novices like you and me along with professionals in weekly contests. I love entering these and missed it so much while my internet was down-I may never win but it's so fun to see all the other wonderful work out there! This weeks them is Yellow-the rule is that you picture has to have yellow in it and a face and that's it-you go from there.

This picture is from last winter and I was just shooting some pics of Allie one day while she was laying on the floor playing with my phone. I love her sweet little face and that little tongue sticking out is to die for!!!!

Head over to I HEART Faces and join in on the fun!!!



Friday, May 21, 2010

5 Question Friday

Whoo Hoo It's finally Friday and with it brings another weekend upon me that I have way too much to do :) However it does mean it's time for 5 Question Friday with Mama M over at My Little Life. Head over and join in on the fun-it's so cool to learn random things about blogging friends!!!!

1. Do you have an iPhone and, if so, how do you get apps and what are your favorites?

I am probably one of the few people left on the planet that doesn't have an iPhone. I actually just got a Blackberry and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I just can't imagine paying that much for a phone or a pad or anything for that matter.

2. What is your fondest memory of K-3rd grade?

I know I'm crazy but I remember very little of when I was a child. Honestly I can't remember anything that early in my life. I don't know why but it's just not there. I've been told I had a lot of separation anxiety when I was around that age- in fact my mom had to walk me into school for the entire first half of the year if that tells you anything.

3. What makes you cringe at the thought of touching?

Spiders or Snakes! I'd rather eat vomit than touch one I think. Really they freak me out!!!

4. If you could have any celebrity show up on your doorstep who would it be and why?

Garth!!! I am utterly and totally obsessed with the man. Oh how I'd give anything to go to Vegas and see him perform! I wish he'd expand out a little and do some other venues closer to me-I mean really surely his fans are more important than him being home every night with his kids-come on seriously, he needs to get his priorities in order :)

5. What would you say is your best physical feature?

This is a horrible question because my self esteem is basically on the ground. There is pretty much nothing about my body that I like at all! If I had to pick something I suppose I'd say my eyes but, well, I just don't like that question.



Thursday, May 20, 2010

What To Do?

See this little girl?

She's adorable - Yes she is. She can be absolutely irresistible and that's a large part of our problem.

You see this little girl has been rocked to sleep since the day she was born. I get her to sleep and hold her for a little while before putting her in her bed. When she wakes up in the middle of the night - which she ALWAYS does(she has only slept through the entire night a handful of times in the last 2 years) she comes in our bed. And she sleeps wonderfully in our bed.

Well problem is that she has put a kicker in our schedule. I still rock her to sleep and hold her for a while but when I get up to put her in her bed and walk down the hall her entire body tenses up. As soon as I start to lift her in her crib she goes stiff as a board and completely wakes up crying. 2 nights ago I left her in there to cry-that lasted for about 30 mins before her Daddy went in and got her. Yesterday at naptime she did the same thing and I left her in there for 50 mins before going in. She won't even lay down when she's in there-she just stands up in her crib and screams the entire time. Last night she did the same thing so I took her back in our room and got her back to sleep - after that I just put her in our bed and she was out like a light.

So all of you with wonderful advice what do I do? I've thought about going ahead and changing her bed to a toddler bed so I can at least sit in there with her and get her to sleep in her bed from the word go but I don't know if that's the right thing. She'll be 2 next week but I don't want to switch her over too soon of course right now she's not sleeping in there at all so what harm could it possibly do? Do I let her sit in there and cry until she finally goes to sleep and if so will she actually finally go to sleep? She stands in there and cries so much that she's sweating and hot and upset. It's such a horrible thing to hear her in there crying it out and yet it doesn't seem to be working either.

I have read that she could be experiencing separation anxiety. It sounds about right considering everything going on right now. Everytime I leave she freaks!!!! We can be at the ballpark and I can walk away for a minute and she acts like I've left forever and is absolutely uncontrollable. She does the same thing at home if I leave to go to the store. It's more than just oh I don't want you to go kind of reaction.

So tell me what comes next because right now she is ruling our house and it's not agreeing with anyone else around here!



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

At Home on the Field

I'm so proud of this kid! There is nothing in my life that I enjoy more than watching him play baseball. I never thought I'd be a baseball mom-riding back and forth from field to field and actually enjoying watching them play and getting into the games. I thought I'd be sitting there clueless painting my toenails and reading a book from the boredom. It's turned out to be anything but that!

He's had challenges this year in and out of school. What a transition year 3rd grade has been and I can't believe we're only 2 weeks away from surviving it. Nevertheless the baseball field has been his home many a nights-in fact more than I can count. He lives for the sport and I love that we are able to give it to him.

We start tournament play tonight-here's hoping we get a better outcome than last year when they rained out the championship game!!! Here's hoping we make it to the championship game :)




Monday, May 17, 2010


Who'd have ever thought a ladybug was so interesting. These are the little things I absolutely adore about staying home. I love that I am able to be around for everything and such a central part of their lives. Though there are days I go crazy and they drive me to the brink I wouldn't trade it for anything. I can't imagine having to leave them somewhere else and not being a part of their day. What a blessing!!

                               Sometimes it's just the simple things in life that make it all worth it!



Friday, May 14, 2010

5 Question Friday

It's time for 5 Question Friday and since my internet has been messed up FOREVER this is the first time I can play along in about a month. It's fun to get to know random things about our everyday blogging friends so head over to Mama M's  and join in :)

1. Take your night, girls night out, or night out alone?

Date night hands down. I can't remember the last time we went out without kids-okay maybe it was Valentine's Day. We went to dinner and a hotel for the night and that was the first time we'd done that in 5 years. We need to do things like that more often-it helps keep me sane yet we don't. I wanna go somewhere for our anniversary next month but it's not likely :) Hint Hint - of course that would only work if my husband actually read this.

2. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

No and I look like a woman that belongs in a rubber room when I try so I'll spare you.

3. What is your favorite flower and why?

I love tulips and daisies! I'd say tulips first and then daises. Gorgeous flowers!!!!! but really anything wild is on my list.

4. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?

Honestly? Okay-I'd have listened to my parents when they told me to use my brain instead of my heart when I was in school-I'd have spared everyone a lot of stress. Slow down-life isn't over when you're 16 and even though you believe it is with all you are it really isn't the best days of your life!

5. If you won the lottery, what is the very first thing you would do?

I'd pay off our house FIRST thing!!! okay scratch that I'd probably buy a new one. Then I'd put a ton away for college for all 4 kids(seriously that scares me to death how much it will cost by the time they get there). At that point I'd probably have none left.