Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July - Part 1

I'm finally posting about the 4th - so far behind! We didn't have big plans for the weekend because David was on call therefore we had to stay close to home. We also ended up fighting fleas on our dog and all over everything else in the house so I guess it was a good thing we didn't want to go anywhere.

The kids went with their grandmother and got fireworks so we actually did a few fireworks on the 3rd and the rest on the 4th. I didn't take picture of the ones the second time around.

Of course we swam and then we grilled out for dinner with burgers/beans/fries/corn on the cob and then we had smores for dessert! They are the yummiest things EVER! Allie and Caleb loved the fireworks the first night but decided they weren't loving them so much when the bigger and louder ones came out the second night.

There is nothing like spending time with the ones that you hold closest in this world.

More coming about my attempted picture taking on the 4th - otherwise this post would be overloaded with pictures.




Erin said...

how fun :glad you got to enjoy it even if it wasn't exactly what you had planned,did he have to work at all?

Alicia said...

Stephanie, your kids are just so gorgeous!!!!!!

Stacy said...

We have had trouble with fleas too! It is horrible! The water looks so refreshing, it is HOT here!


Such sweet pics. The water looks so nice.