Sunday, November 30, 2008


I am still trying to recover from the past week in my house. I've figured out that you can NEVER catch up on sleep..once it's lost it's gone for good. I'm still trying to get Allie back on a schedule however I'm not as successful as I would like. She slept very good the night of Thanksgiving but has been up and down since then. We had a good Thanksgiving but ate way too much and I forgot my camera so I figure I must of lost my mind somewhere along the way. I've got blogs to catch up on,pictures to edit,clothes to wash,beds to strip and make up,bathrooms to clean,dinner to start cooking,Christmas to decorate and that's just for today...Okay now I hear you all but you have to be positive! Will I get it all done...probably not especially since I'm still on my first cup of coffee and it's raining outside today but I can be ambitious right :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008


This is what I'm thankful for this year!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Smarter than we think..

Do you ever think that these precious little faces have brains that are smarter than a Harvard graduate? I am beginning to think so..seems this little face loves to throw a kink in things just when you think you have everything worked out. Allie has been a great sleeper ... don't get me wrong when we came home from the hospital for the first couple of months we were up 2 and 3 times a night feeding but she quickly got on a schedule and has always been a wonderful sleeper! Up until about 3 nights ago we never had any problems. I go through our regular schedule at night around 830 and feed her a bottle and rock her to sleep only for her to wake up as soon as I put her down in the bed and we proceed to do the same thing for the next two hours. Thankfully last night when she finally went down for good at 1030 she stayed until 7 this morning however the two nights prior she was up 2 and 3 times a night again. I have no idea what's going on in her little head but with her and her daddy it's about to drain me! Of course...all the while I'm up and down from the rocking chair trying to put Allie to bed 3 and 4 times her daddy's on the couch asleep at 9. I wish I knew how they did it...the men that do they get away with it?

I will admit I get frustrated when I am trying time after time after time to put her to bed while she proceeds to raise her little head up and look at me with her beautiful blue eyes. Then I look at her and it's impossible to stay upset...after all who could stay upset or even peeved at such an adorable face!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catch up!

Whew...I still haven't recovered! Boy am I out of it. I wanted to try and get in bed early last night but I was up with Allie until after 11 and then up again with her at 4. I'm going to take her to the doctor today just to make sure her ears are okay since she hasn't been sleeping well...seems around here if my kids wake up when you put them down often times it's the ears that's the culprit. We shall see!

The weekend was put it mildly. I felt like I didn't sit down until yesterday and I have to admit I didn't push to get anythingn done around here then. I have tons to do but no ambition to do it. I felt so out of it not blogging and checking in on people but I just didn't have it in me yesterday. I am going to try really hard to catch with everyone today though.

Before David's surgery on Friday he had to take three different pills and put some sort of Lidocaine cream on an hour before we were supposed to be there. It was interesting to say the least. Let me just say if you haven't shaved your husbands scrotum before and wrapped them in plastic wrap then you haven't lived :) Talk about odd!!!!! One of the pills he had to take was a Valium in order to make him woozy...David doesn't take medicine so he was highly affected by this. While we were sitting in the waiting room he was playing with his lip talking nonsense acting like a complete drunk...I had to keep trying to get him to calm down so he wouldn't make a scene. When they called us back the nurse didn't want me in the room with him while they were doing the procedure...David did...but she said it was usually just the doctor and the patient. Needless to say I ended up in there. Boy..that was stressful because to say that David doesn't handle pain well is the understatement of the year! We made it out and the weekend was pretty uneventful other than constant chaos..he went back to work yesterday and seems to be doing much better!

Lucas lost a tooth a while ago and I have been meaning to post it but I kept forgetting to get the pics off my camera. I finally did though...I just have to edit everything now and get some printed...that's an entirely different story though. After he lost it I was trying to take a picture and Caleb was watching him so when I asked Caleb to sit beside Lucas so I could take his picture too he decided to pull his lip down cute! Lord I'm not ready for him to start losing teeth..he's got to stay a baby for much longer. Funny thing is he came out the next morning and had $4.00. He first said the tooth fairy left him $6.00 then he cahnged it to $5.00 however when he counted he only had $4.00. I asked him what happened to the other dollar and he looked but couldn't find it and finally decided that he miscounted and must of only had $4.00 from the very beginning. I kept telling him to go look but nowhere to be found....I know the tooth fairy left him $5.00(because she whispered in my ear before she left of course :) but it is nowhere to be found. No telling where that ended up!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Out of it!

Exhausted does not even begin to touch how I feel right now. I am absolutely drained after this weekend and David having his surgery. The bad part is that I only had two kids here because the older two were at my parents house. Geez...I am just out of it. I have only touched my computer to reply to simple emails to my mom and to post one time for MckMama's contest and that was the extent of my computer time in the last three days. I miss all you and have a ton of catching up to do..I haven't been a good blogging friend lately. I am going to try to start catching up today and if a miracle happens I might pull a Not Me Monday post out of my hat...don't count on it though :) Maybe tomorrow I'll come around. Hope all of you had a great weekend and got more rest than I did!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Small Fryday Contest

Hey everyone...go check out MckMama's blog and be amazed. Not only has she joined the club of having four small children she will amaze by her incredibly thought provoking blog and beautiful children! She's hosting a contest right now so go check her out!!!!! It'll be worth it..I promise you! One time and you'll be hooked.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay here it is. I got this on video yesterday and I swear it could very possibly be the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!! Watch till the end for Caleb...I still grin ear from ear when I watch it!

Hope everyones having a good to start putting meds in David and then head to doctor in about an hour.

Today's the day..

It's finally here. After much ado about nothing(although David wouldn't say that)the day has arrived. It's snip snip day for David. That's right we've figured out that the Lord above doesn't always necessarily agree with us when it comes to our ideas about more children so we've decided to take it into our own hands. After today we will be sure! Yes no more guessing it's the big's time for the vasectomy for David bless his heart. I mean really it's the least he can do right...I've carried and birthed four children for him so why not...what's a 20 minute procedure. He is terribly nervous and I need not say that he is a complete wimp. He can not handle pain AT ALL...the man will stub his toe and fall to the floor cussing. Maybe that's just a man for ya,huh? I do feel bad for him though because he is scared so of course I'll do my job and I'll be there by his side and baby him all weekend long. Thankfully both my moms will be here. My stepmom will be taking the two older boys to her house tonight to spend the night and my mom will be here with me for Caleb and Allie...although Caleb is the only one that will have anything to do with her. At least I won't be by myself with all four(I mean 5)children.

So this afternoon that's where we'll be...he believes he is having his manhood taken away..he's really a funny character. We all say he missed his true calling as a comedian because I swear it's amazing where he pulls things out of. I'll let you know how it goes and get ready I have the cutest post for this afternoon. I'm going to make you wait because,well,because I can :) but it's worth it and it's just adorable!

Happy Friday everyone(well everyone except for David that is) :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

At a loss

Ever just feel like you don't have anything to write about. Maybe I just didn't get enough sleep or maybe my brain just doesn't want to work today but I'm at a standstill as I try to figure out what I want to say today. I have tons of pictures to load onto the computer. What are all of your methods for putting pics on the computer? Seems I take them and then when I load them on I have hundreds on each camera...and that's about every two weeks or so. There are times I will do it more often but I usually have so many it just takes so long so I put it off as long as I can. Right now I have all of my pictures in Kodak EasyShare but I have thought about trying another you all find there are some out there that you are happy with? Editing is an entirely different story! I have tons of pictures on my computer right now that I need to edit but I just haven't gotten around to it. far behind! For now here's my two youngest doing their everyday thing...well kinda I suppose.

Caleb found this pacifier in his room. I had it sitting on his's the only paci that he ever took when he was a baby...and even then he only took it once. For some reason on this particular day he was obsessed with it. We'll just say it's in the trash now.

And of's my princess..I just can't get enough of her! She amazes me everyday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

She pissed on my parade

I can't stand stupid people. There are days it iritates me that they are even able to function in society. I had to get Caleb some new shoes...his were ragged and dirty from wearing them outside all the time(where he lives basically)so we were on a quest. Seriously that was basically what it was. I usually get kids shoes from Stride Rite...when I say kid I mean when they are two years old and under. In my opinion it's too hard to find shoes that fit them correctly otherwise. However when it was time for him to get new shoes I started looking elsewhere because he is pretty close to 2 and Stride Rite is VERY expensive! I looked and looked and looked for almost two weeks everywhere I knew and I could find nothing that would fit him. We finally realized that we were going to have to bite the bullet and go to Stride Rite.

When we first got there I saw our least favorite attendant that works there and said a few nasty words to David before entering the store praying that things would go okay. The last time we were there she sized Caleb and we left the store with shoes that were two sizes too small and left marks on his feet. The people that work there are usually excellent and you don't have to worry about whether the shoes fit or not...they are very knowledgeable when it comes to small children. So I was hoping we weren't going to have another bad experience with her.

First of all..he didn't like her at all. Guess I should of taken his cue and gotten out of there because when she first put her hand on his foot to measure it he pitched a fit! After much trying on of several different shoes we finally found one that fit...a 10XW (extra wide)and as I was checking out everything just fell apart. I mentioned to her that I had tried to look elsewhere but had had no luck and she started on her insane comments. She said that his foot was so wide that he would never YES YOU HEARD ME NEVER be able to wear a Nike shoe. The kid is 22 months old and she is telling me that in 30 years he won't be able to wear a Nike...he might...and she put extreme emphasis on MIGHT be able to wear a New Balance or a Saucony but most definitely not a Nike then she did it UNLESS HE THINS OUT she says. My jaw about hit the floor! Caleb is 26 pounds at almost 2 years old...the last time we were at the doctor he was in the 95% for his height but the 20% for his weight. He is so tall that he's off the charts but it makes him much thinner. Seriously when I hug or hold him I can feel his ribs. He's healthy and eats constantly but he's just so tall that he doesn't appear like most small kids do when they are pudgy and round still and this lady is tell me he needs to thin out. How can a kid in the 20% for his weight thin out anymore...he'd be sick as a dog WOMAN.

Needless to say we did leave with shoes and they do fit but I can't stand the woman!!!!! Ugh...she just irks me!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hi Sissy

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday

This is my first time joining "Not Me Monday" and mind you I still have an hour and fifteen minutes before Monday is actually over. Head over to MckMama's blog since she is the brainiac that created this wonderful idea!!! We have to have something to look forward to on Monday right? So here goes...let's see if I can get the hang of this :)

I have not eaten more Halloween candy than my children nor have I done so on a daily basis-Not Me-no way because I know that I am the last person in the world that needs candy!

I did not check on this baby so much during the day on Monday while she was having her heart transplant that I forgot to plan anything for dinner for my family. Not me...I would never be that involved with my computer and a precious baby girl that I have never even met.

I did not have above "said" candy for breakfast four out of five mornings last week because I know how unhealthy that would be and I would never let my children do the same...because that would make me a horrible mother,right?

I did not pull a pair of blue jeans out of the dirty clothes basket and throw them in the dryer for Lucas to wear to school-Not Me-because I am so organized and on top of laundry that I would have known before 10 pm that his pants were all dirty.

I did not finish commenting on a blog while I had a baby crying in the other room-Not Me-because I am Johnny on the Spot and I am right there the second they make a sound...take 2 seconds for my bloggy world...Not Me!

In Awe

These two continue to amaze me. I have never in my life seen anything like it. Caleb is absolutely inlove with Allie and it is just the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I have a video of him talking to her if I can ever get it loaded...for some reason it isn't wanting to show up properly right now. Caleb is going through the temper tantrum,throwing,hit everything in sight stage...but when it comes to Allie he is always as gentle as can be and out of the blue will just stop to hug and kiss her. I think these two are going to be incredibly close if things stay even 5% of what they are right now.

Ever noticed how you have so many things planned for the weekend to get completed and at the end you didn't get any of it done. I was so organized on Friday and had everything in my mind that I was going to get done before the weekend was over. I got hardly anything done...I didn't even get to the grocery store yet. Therefore I have a ton to do this week because David has surgery on Friday which will probably leave me with four children by myself this weekend which means I'll have four children by myself probably but also that I won't get much done. David and I did get to go out to dinner last night by ourselves. It was a quick trip though...Jacob hasn't felt good all weekend so we just ran out and came right back. In the end it really wasn't worth it(the restaurant sucked!) but it was kinda nice to get out for a few minutes.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


We did it! Lucas and Jacob LOVE High School Musical. I promised them I would take them to see the new one when it came out in theaters but we were in Gatlinburg the day it was released. So when we got back I took them to see it. I have to admit it was really cute and I found myself dancing along with the songs. Guess while I'm at it I'll have to admit that I actually watched the first two also. We had alot of fun together...I'm going to try and do more with them outside of the house. Things tend to blend in together when all the kids are together all the time. I think it's important to split them up every now and then. The kids had a blast and I think they really enjoyed the time alone with me. On top of that this was Jacob's first movie in a theater. He's been before with his grandmother but he's never actually sat through an entire movie...they always had to get up and leave before the movie even started. The first time they went and got candy and drinks and sat down,watched all the previews and as soon as they were over he stated that he was ready to go home :) So I was alittle nervous but I thought there was a pretty good chance he would sit through it. When he first sat in the chair it folded up on him he was so small so he asked to sit in my lap and that's where he stayed the entire time. HE MADE IT THOUGH!

Here we are in the car before the movie started! I like this picture.

Lucas and Jacob outside of the theater before we went in.

Here he is...He saw his FIRST movie and stayed for the whole thing! I love that after all he went through with movies that I got to be with him for that!

Friday, November 14, 2008

He's Mine!

I had to share this because well he's just too cute not to share! Caleb rarely plays in his room by himself but yesterday I was trying to rock Allie to sleep and every ten seconds he would walk up to me and say Mama....which may I add is just the cutest thing in the world! Anyhow..I finally told him to go play in his room for a few minutes and after I put Allie down this is what I found. Watch until the end as he starts playing along...I could just eat him up he's so cute!

My husband was my angel this morning...he does wonderful things every now and then :) Don't ask me how it happened but as I was going to bed last night I couldn't find my coffee. I keep the extra in the freezer and I looked everywhere and it was nowhere to be found. I know I still had a half a bag because I buy the big ones from Sams and only half will fit in my canister by my coffeemaker so I store the rest in the freezer. Anyhow it WASN'T there. I about had a heartattack..what in the world was I going to do this morning without any coffee. So what did I do...I asked my hubby to go to Hardee's and get me some. He walked in with multiple cups of coffee for me this morning before work and I proceeded to pour them into my coffeemaker to stay warm. Ah....I just love him for it! Bicker and pick we do but he's a keeper!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I was Tagged!

I got tagged!!

Stacey over at McCrakensx4 tagged me for 15 Things you are Not Afraid to Admit so here goes:

1-I am addicted to sweets(I can't get enough of doesn't matter if it's chocolate,cookies,cakes whatever...I have to have them)
2-I have to check on my bloggy friends several times a day(if I don't get around to it until night I feel so behind)
3-I am trying to drink my coffee only black now(I am the queen of cream and sugar in my coffee but I'm trying really hard to only drink it's so much simpler)
4-I am addicted to The Young and the Restless(it is my favorite soap of all times and I have to watch it everyday!)
5-I put Caleb down for his nap at 1215 everyday just in time for The Young and the Restless(yes he could last another hour or so and go down later but then I wouldn't get to watch my show)
6-I love to cook...I am trying to get out of the box and not stick to recipes but it's easier said than done!
7-I am a pictureholic-okay so that's my own word but hey it works. I take tons of pictures yet have developed very few in the past year. I have thousands of pictures on my computer that I need to get developed but they are just too expensive now. Guess I need to do them a few at a time until I get through them.
8-I crave showers...they are too rare...yes I will admit..there are days that I don't get one. Yes there are days that I have to wash my hair in the sink and just go from there. In my house I come last! My kids and my husband always get theirs but I am always last and since Allie's in our room after she's in bed it's pretty much off limits! When I get one...I love to just sit down and stay for a while...although I don't have time to do that much.
9-I LOVE winter! I can not stand hot weather..I don't tolerate heat well at all but just eat cold weather up.
10-I love batter!!!!-okay some of you might classify this in the sweets category but not me...they are two totally different things!!! cake,brownie,cookies,bars...anything at all...I just love it!
11-I absolutely dread going out to dinner with my is always incredibly hectic and seems by the time it's over I'm ready for bed it's so tiring. Keeping up with four kids in a restaurant is just insane so I'd rather just stay home. Of course dinner with my husband happens less often than I would like.
12-I could live off pasta! I HEART pasta!!!!!
13-I hate to put up laundry..I don't have a problem washing,drying,folding...but they will sit in the basket for days before I actually get around to putting them up sometimes.
14-I am not a big drinker-I have been too affected by alcohol and the people that I love so I just don't have a huge desire for it anymore now that I have seen what it can do to people.
15-I hate smoke...all kinds of smoke...cigarette,pipe,cigar..anything. I absolutely can not stand the smell of smoke..before and/or after. I can't stand to smell it on people or's just horrible!

Okay I've admitted my shortcomings or not...however you would like to classify them. Please don't stop visiting me because of them :)

Now I have to tag 7 people so here goes:

1-Tarah over at Eyeglasses and Endzones
2-Nichole over at Justin and Nichole
3-Annie over at 3's Company but 4's a Party
4-Liz over at My Crazy Life with 4 Boys
5-Amanda over at The Family News
7-Sara over at Football & Fried Rice

Okay're it! Have fun :)

No progress!

I suppose I need to get on top of things and get pictures loaded onto the computer. I have decided I want photoshop for Christmas this year...I think it will allow me to do so much more with my pics of course it would probably provide me with hours of entertainment also. Maybe that's a bad idea :) I have got tons and tons of laundry to do...not exaggerating either. I have got a dirty bathrooms..not kidding there either but for some reason during the day when Allie decides she wants to get held all day I just can't tell her no and when Caleb wants me to play with him I just can't turn him away. So things are staying undone around here right now...what can I say, I just can't resist these faces!

My aunt bought this for Caleb. It's one of those first recorders and he loves it! I however am not as fond but he is adorable playing it whether it makes tons of noise or not.

And of course here's my precious little face. I promise I'll get my act together sometime today.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Miracle

This girl hold my heart in her hands. I just can't get enough of her. Ever since I heard about Baby Mia(as I posted yesterday) it has made me look at my children differently but most of all when I look at Allie I think of Mia. Mia is right at one month younger than Allie. Sharing their story has made me do things in my life differently. I am so incredibly lucky to have this little girl. She makes me laugh and she fills my heart with complete joy! Every time I look at her I am so incredibly thankful...I thought my life was complete after Caleb was born...I was so done with babies that there wasn't a doubt in my mind. I thought I could be pregnant for a couple of weeks before I actually got the guts up to take a test. When I found out I was depressed...I cried for weeks. There was a large part of my pregnancy that I was unattached emotionally because I was so sure that I didn't want this and that this wasn't how it was supposed to be. Little did I know,right? Who am I to say that we were done..we took every precaution possible and did everything we could and yet it still happened...someone "up there" decided that He didn't care what we thought or what we had done but that He was going to make it happen. The second she came out every doubt was swept away and it has never entered my mind for one second since. I can't imagine my life without her and I would do absolutely anything in this world for her. Amazing how things work out,huh?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mia update

Mia is out of surgery and doing well. The doctors say she got a "GREAT" heart. This next week will be critical for her but they are very optimistic. She is such a fighter. Please go and leave your prayers for her family...they are an amazing group of people! Thank all of you for your prayers today!

Please Pray!!!!

Please pray for Baby Mia today as her new heart has finally come!! If you haven't heard about Mia's story read about her here. Mia has an amazing family that I know could use your thoughts and prayers today as she undergoes her surgery and in the future as she is recovering!

Whew....and Halloween finally!

Whew...this weekend was nonstop. I had tons to do and here we are at Monday morning with what else...hardly any of it done. I have all the winter clothes but haven't put summer clothes away. It's hard here in the south because it can be 30 in the morning and 70 by 2pm. I think it's time to put them away though. I need to clean desperately! We have a bathroom that has been getting renovated and it's been in limbo mode for months now. I was wanting to try and paint it to get things started for completion but that didn't happen either. I had grocery shopping to do and that's one of the few things I did get done...that and a few loads of laundry..although I'm not sure you can really count the laundry since I still have 5 or 6 loads to do. We went to my dad's on Saturday night and had dinner over there and most of the day before that David was working so it was harder to get things done with him gone. Isn't it amazing how they really don't do anything around the house when they're here but it's more difficult when they're not? I say it's because they entertain the kids at least when they're around :) Sunday I grocery shopped,did a few loads of laundry and cooked. That took me to the end of the day so everything else went out the window! Oh well there's always next weekend I guess...and most likely next month for the bathroom :)

David starts a new job today so please keep him in your prayers. He's been doing work on his own for the past month and decided to forego the original company.

Thank you all for your wonderful words of support and prayers last week when I was having a hard time. I truly appreciate each and every one of them! I continue to be amazed at the blogging world and how united it is. I have made friends here that I never thought possible!!! I still have alot of soul searching to do and I am trying to dig into that but things are better so hopefully it's only up from here. I will try and fill you all in later on!

For's a few Halloween pics. I have some on another camera also but those didn't get loaded this weekend either. I was lucky to get to this one :) I was going to rearrange these pics in order but for some reason my right clicker on my mouse isn't working right now so I guess they'll have to be backwards....hope that isn't indicating how my Monday is going to go.

Here's to a great week everyone!!!

Jacob was an army man and Caleb was superman. When I was dressing Jacob David asked me about face paint...I didn't even think about that. It would have been really cool. Think we'll that next year!

Here's Caleb walking on the street. He loved trick or treating! He wanted to go to every house no matter how long it took him and remember his legs are awhole lot shorter! Funny thing was when he got up to a house he wanted to go inside all of them...he tried to go in the door several times! I just cracked up!! Mister Independence though didn't want to hold anyones hand so you can imagine how that went.

My superman! I just love this kid!!!

Here's my baby girl! She was a chick...I think the costume was supposed to be a chicken but I called her a chick :) Oh...I could have just eaten her up she was soooo cute!

Here they all are now. Lucas was a zombie and I was very surprised that he kept his mask on the entire time...we were gone for about 2 hours so I was shocked. We ended up going to another neighborhood across the street because apparently the people in ours don't celebrate Halloween anymore. There were hardly lights on at all. We hit the jackpot in the next neighborhood though. Check this out: there was a guy that gave out a goody bag and each bag had $5 in it. Can you believe that? I was shocked...I was curious as to how much money he gave out...we never had that when I was a kid. I don't ever even remember getting money at all. David was joking that he was going to go home and switch costumes several times and keep going to that same house! Lucky kids now a days!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I would like to thank the academy :)

I got another award...Yippeee I just love these things :) I got this one from Mimi over at He & Me + 3. Thanks Mimi!!!! You are awesome and I just love to read your blog!

The rules for this award are:

1: Post the award on my blog
2: Link to Mimi for giving it to me.
3: Link to the originating post - here
4: Pass the award on to 5 people.
5: Post the rules for the recipients.

This is tough because I love all the blogs I read but I think I am going to choose the blogs that I have just recently started following for this one.

*Annie over at 3's Company but 4's a Party: I have just found Annie's blog but I quickly grew attached :) If you haven't checked her out then don't waste anymore time. She has two beautiful children and I just love to hear about her daily adventures!
*Nichole over at Justin and Nichole. I have really enjoyed reading Nichole's blog. She is making some awesome things right now in order to donate money to Baby Mia who is awaiting a heart transplant. She has a huge heart and I admire her for that! She also has a beautiful family and I am really enjoying learning more about her!
*Everyday Mom Designs This is one of the brand new blogs I have started following. I just love to read about all of her cute and funny stories and her adorable pictures!
*Liz over at My Crazy Life with 4 Boys. I am SO happy that I found this blog. When I look at her posts I feel as though I am reading about my own life with all my kids! So happy to meet you through blogging world Liz!
*Stacey at McCrakensx4. Love to read Stacey's blog and hear all about their busy life. Great posts and love to hear about the football games her boys are involved in!

Okay guys: it's all you now! Your turns :) Have fun!

Friday, November 7, 2008


This is what we saw the last night we were in Gatlinburg. I never could get very good pictures of the scenery because it rained all day the first day and the second the sun never really came out for a sunrise. So this is what I got....still absolutely gorgeous..looking at it right now makes me want to go back.

My precious princess! Here she is all bundled up at Nascar Speedpark. I just love this little bundle!

I can't put into words what this picture means to me. This is my dad and he is truly my hero. He and I have been through the ringer together through the years but amazingly we have come out to be such good friends. This man means more to me than I can verbalize. I cherish this picture!!!

This is sooo cool! It's called the Cool School Computer made by Fisher Price and it connects to my computer. I got it for Jacob to practice his letters more at home since he will be at kindergarten next and I really don't feel as though he is getting enough of it at school(that's another post for later) There are several stations they can go to on the computer such as music,art,numbers,letters and they can even take field trips on it. The coolest thing is that it has a pad off to the side that you can put templates of the letters under and trace them...Get this shows up on the computer screen so that they can see what they are doing and how their letters look. I just think this is the coolest thing!

Nothing particular to post about today so this was just a bunch of snippets I had sitting aside. I am going to get my Halloween pics loaded onto my computer sometime today...I'm a horrible mother that I haven't done that yet. Those are to come soon!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My First Ride

Updated: I'm losing it! I have no excuse...other than Allie had an abnormal night last night and was up every three hours...this from sleeping completely through the night but other than that I have no excuses. When I posted this earlier today I talked about Jacob getting in a wreck...however with my pea brain I put the wrong picture in there and he wasn't even in a wreck in the one I posted. So it's on there now. We'll see if I can get it together tomorrow!

I'll stop posting Gatlinburg pictures after this I promise. Okay well I will unless I find another one that I just have to show everyone!

Jacob drove his first go cart while we were there solo. It was soooo exciting!!!! Lucas jumped at the first chance to get into a go cart solo but Jacob was alittle wary. When we went to Frankie's for his birthday he got alittle nervous and decided that he only wanted to ride with his dad. So we were alittle surprised when only two weeks later he decided he wanted to forego dad and do it on his own. I had so much fun watching him and when he got off you couldn't wipe the grin off his face.

Here's Jacob standing in line for the ride. Can't you see the excitement on his face :)

When they got in the cars the first time they had to sit still and wait for someone to come and buckle them. Jacob got in and took off! It was so funny!

I love this picture! Right in the middle of the action.

Of course he got in his first wreck the first time out also. What fun would it have been without that?

And we all know that Caleb had to take a stab at it also. His is alittle smaller but he's still just as cute!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Which way is right?

Have you ever been so confused and miserable that you don't know which way is up? Ever feel like you are blamed for someone elses problems? And to top it all off what do we do when we are upset other than shove our faces full of food. This is the worst time in the world to have a house full of Halloween candy!!!! I am eating like crazy! I've had a really bad couple of days and I am to the point right now that I don't know which way to go next. I have alot of soul searching to do in the very near future and my heart is extremely heavy. My brain is so confused and full of thoughts that I don't know which way to turn now. My heart aches so badly I don't know how to dig my out of this hole. Funny how we always look at pictures and see the "picture perfect family" or "the grass is always greener on the other side" kind of thinking. I have never asked for anything extravagant or over the top..I just want my life back right now. Please forgive me if this is jumbled and confusing for that just mirrors my life right now. I had to get it out why not here right...that's the joy of having a blog. Or at least that's what I'll tell myself.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I am going to try and get the last of our Gatlinburg pictures posted within the next couple of days...I have so many that it's hard to pick and choose. I love this though. Caleb actually rode this roller coaster and not only did he ride it but he rode it again and again after that. He loved it and never wanted to get off! Not a doubt in my mind that he's gonna be our little daredevil!!!

He's mastered it!!!

While we were in Gatlinburg we had a good bit of town time in the cabin which as all of you know that have children can be hair pulling and pure torture at some points. My dad taught Lucas how to play solitaire while we were there and it was ALL Lucas did the entire time. The second he got up in the mornings he was sitting at the table playing until the minute he went to bed at night. He won his first game while we were there too and it was absolutely amazing to watch he and my dad when he won it!!!! They were giddy just like two little school kids!! I'll always remember that moment between the two of them!

Monday, November 3, 2008


The first full day we were in Gatlinburg it rained all day long. We decided we would do alittle shopping in the morning and then head out for dinner and find something to do inside that night. We ended up Ripley's Believe it or Not. The kids had a good time and they had some really neat stuff in there. Believe it or Not....that's your choice?

You could see this from the second level. The man was climbing up the rope from the first to second level and then back down again.

Caleb stood on the second level and started at the climber for a good 5 minutes. He loved it!

Here's Jacob next to the world's tallest man.

And Lucas also! Cool huh?

This is Allie's future jewelry. They had a real chastity belt cool! I kid not....she will be wearing this! I used to think that my dad was insane and that David was overprotective when he talked about her and boys before she was even born...that was until she actually got here and I have to be the worst in the bunch now.

This is a shadow room. You stand up against the white wall and a flash goes off. When you walk away you see your shadow. Funny thing is when everyone walked away and I took a picture of the shadow all that came out on the camera was the white wall. Explain that cause I can't figure it out!

Here's David feeding Allie in the world's largest chair. That's a definite picture for the many kids have a picture of their dad feeding them in the world's largest chair?

And here we all are in the largest's even big enough for all 6 of us and there would have been room enough for more. Too bad that's not coming from me!!!!! My toasters all toasted out!

Halloween pics are coming... I have to get them all loaded on the computer :)