Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's Sunday night 10 o clock and they say a major winter storm is on the way. SC just doesn't get snow like they are calling for - as of right now they are calling for multiple inches of snow then followed by sleet and freezing rain. We're in the South - we don't deal with conditions like these. As of right now there are over 130 closings and not a single flake has dropped from the sky.

To make matters worse David is on call - they sent him home with chains for his truck. He's still out tonight running calls - people going crazy with no heat right now. People that haven't had heat since this morning but wait to call until 730 at night???? Really???

I think it's going to be an interesting week - I've caught up on all my laundry preparing just in case we end up without power and can't wash clothes so we don't run out. We're stocked up on food and drinks so we're ready to go but praying it doesn't come to that. The temps aren't supposed to get out of the 30s all week and it's supposed to be in the teens and 20s at night so the likelihood of everything melting and not causing any problems is not very good. Kids are already supposed to be out of school on Friday and then Monday for teacher workday and state holiday so it's looking like an extended vacation this week. I may need Prozac by the end of the week :)

However - one good thing about snow - taking us back to the day after Christmas this year is I get adorable pictures of my babies - like these :

We even play baseball in the snow :)




Julie said...

I hope you don't get a winter storm! That is just crazy for SC!

Great pics! Looks like the kids were having fun! :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I know the snow can be a pain especially for us Southerners who don't know how to deal with it...but it is so pretty and so fun to play in! I'm kind of sad that everyone else is getting snow and we are just freezing with some rain!

Vicky said...

Had to take a minute and comment on your snow!! So shocking to see it in the South like that!! Gosh your streets must be a mess and driving will be a nightmare till it warms up enough to melt it all :) But it sure is pretty!

Erin said...

stay warm and safe! Hope he doesnt have to work forever!

~ Noelle said...

i LOVE the pics...
how cute and fun
wish we had somewhere open to play, apartment parking lots dont allow for much fun :) lol