Friday, January 7, 2011

5 Question Friday

It feels so good to be back on track with blogging. Knowing that I'm keeping up with remembering all the things I want to on a daily basis. Tomorrow will be my first Project Life post - excited about that. For now it's Friday and that means randomness :) with 5 Question Friday.

1. What is your current favorite book, and why?

I haven't read a book in FOREVER! I love to read - love to read but lately I've had trouble finding time to do anything I actually enjoy. The last book I read was part of the Sookie Stackhouse series and that was right after I finished the Twilight series. I have one in my purse right now that I was in the middle of but I think I need to restart it since it's been so long. However I love James Patterson and Jilliane Hoffman - she has a new one out that my mom has ordered - can't wait to read it!
2. Do you go to the dentist regularly?

Can we just skip over this question? Ugh - I used to and I should - I need to go and I am going to early this year. Problem is I know I have a few cavities and I'm terrified of having to get them filled. Remember my story about Lucas and his crown at I wrote about here? That has traumatized me for life!!!!

3. What is your worst memory from High School?

Another question we need to skip over. Story will come one day - part of our history.
4. What do you hope to be remembered for in your life?

Most of all I want to be remembered by my children - I want to create warm memories for them. I want to be a good mom - I also want to be a good wife and daughter but most of all I want to be a good mom - that is what is truly important to me.
5. Are you superstitious or do you have any superstitions?

Not really - I'm not one to avoid cracks in the sidewalk or be nervous about opening an umbrella inside or anything like that. My husband gets mad at me when I open his knife and don't close it back. I can't close it - for the life of me I can't remember from time to time how to close it - he says that's bad luck :(

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Lorilynne said...

I want to be remembered as a good mom too :)
Your kids are adorable!

~ Noelle said...

i want to be remembered as a great mom, wife and friend... i really hope that i lead a good example for all who see me. :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I did the whole avoid the dentist for too long thing and ended up having to get a root canal! I go ever 6 months now!

Tribute Books Mama said...

here's mine

Leslie said...

We have pretty similar taste in books. :)

I did the avoiding the dentist thing when I moved from Louisiana to Georgia. I never found a dentist and then I got pregnant and was just neausiated for ages and ages so I just kept avoiding it. It was NOT pretty when I finally did go. :) Ah well.