Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I will never EVER ever go to the dentist again! And I don't even mean for myself but I won't ever take anyone to the dentist again. I'm done-I've served my time and it's over.

I had to take Lucas to the dentist this morning to have a crown put on one of his molars. It is still a baby tooth but had a huge cavity in it that they couldn't fill and didn't want to pull it. So I made the appointed and we were there bright and early at 8:00 this morning. I had the two babies with me and had dropped Jacob off at school beforehand. When we got there they went ahead and put the laughing gas on and did the jelly around his gum to numb it. Then the doctor came in to give the shot to further numb all around the tooth. At first that was fine until he got to the inside of the gum towards his tongue and it was obvious that it wasn't completely numb there yet. It killed me to watch him in pain with a shot in his mouth while I couldn't do anything about it but little did I know that the worst was not even there yet.

The doctor came back in after a few minutes and started drilling. He drilled for about 3-4 minutes during which I was up and down with Allie and Caleb while trying to hold Lucas' hand throughout everything. All the sudden while the hygenist and doctor were in his mouth working with the drill Lucas threw everyone off of him and shot straight up out of the chair. He started gagging and stood up with blood dripping out of his mouth. My heart stopped(don't forget I've got two babies by my side)-my nerves went and the panic attacks set in. I about flipped!!! He was horrified obviously! We got him back down while the dentist told him that he couldn't do that and explained why but honestly I think he was so scared he could hardly speak. I really think he left the room and changed his underwear(they had to be soiled after that experience). He said not another word while he worked that he didn't have to. He finished, got up and left. I don't think he'll ever forget today :)

When I think about it my insides still shake-my heart has yet to start beating in a normal rhythm and I've felt like putty all day. I tell you my dentist days are over!!!!




McCrakensx4 said...

What a terrible experience...I am not fond of the dentist either :P

Laura said...

Ohhh poor Lucas. I hate going to the dentist myself, I can't imagine watching my kid hurt while there!

Erin said...

ICK I hate the dentist and as soon as the baby comes I really need to go. I know I have cavities and I really need to get in there.

I hope he is ok today and that the tooth doesnt bug him anymore.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Wow, my goodness... I could never handle that..

Lyr said...

I can't stand the dentist either... and that doesn't help that your experianced stunk like that. Sorry dear! :(

♥Kim said...

Ah poor Lucas. I'm sorry he had a bad experience, & you had to watch, I know that had to be devistating.

He & Me + 3 said...

OMGosh that is horrible. I am glad he is ok, but I would have lost it on the dentist...I think.