Monday, November 3, 2008


The first full day we were in Gatlinburg it rained all day long. We decided we would do alittle shopping in the morning and then head out for dinner and find something to do inside that night. We ended up Ripley's Believe it or Not. The kids had a good time and they had some really neat stuff in there. Believe it or Not....that's your choice?

You could see this from the second level. The man was climbing up the rope from the first to second level and then back down again.

Caleb stood on the second level and started at the climber for a good 5 minutes. He loved it!

Here's Jacob next to the world's tallest man.

And Lucas also! Cool huh?

This is Allie's future jewelry. They had a real chastity belt cool! I kid not....she will be wearing this! I used to think that my dad was insane and that David was overprotective when he talked about her and boys before she was even born...that was until she actually got here and I have to be the worst in the bunch now.

This is a shadow room. You stand up against the white wall and a flash goes off. When you walk away you see your shadow. Funny thing is when everyone walked away and I took a picture of the shadow all that came out on the camera was the white wall. Explain that cause I can't figure it out!

Here's David feeding Allie in the world's largest chair. That's a definite picture for the many kids have a picture of their dad feeding them in the world's largest chair?

And here we all are in the largest's even big enough for all 6 of us and there would have been room enough for more. Too bad that's not coming from me!!!!! My toasters all toasted out!

Halloween pics are coming... I have to get them all loaded on the computer :)


The White Family said...

That is so neat! I have always wanted to go to Ripleys and have never. I'm loving the shadow wall!! That is NEAT!! What a fun day for you guys. :o)

momstheword said...

Such fun pictures! Makes me want to go!

He And Me + 3 said...

LOoks like so much fun! I love the family picture. I hear you on the belt thingy...I think I already have one on order for my 2 girls. LOL

Windy said...

Looks like a cool place to go! We may try that on our next trip up there.

Tami said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time. I just love Gatlinburg. Especially the outlets. We didn't make it all the way to Gatlinburg last weekend. Just wish we could've had more time.