Friday, October 31, 2008

Roll Video

I finally figured it out. I asked Lori and she led me in the right direction. Thanks Lori!!!

So here it is.....the much awaited and talked about video of Allie rolling over for the first time. Well if you really want to get technical about it then it's actually the third but it's the same day as the first and they were all one right after the other.


Lori said...

yay! great job rolling

(glad you got it to work!)

4under3 said...

Wahooo! I was cheering you on Allie.


p.s. I tagged you.

Windy said...

Way to go, Allie! and Mom for getting the video to work

Windy said...

Me again - I played along with a tag and tagged you!

momstheword said...

She is so precious!

The White Family said...

You go Allie!!! :o) That is such a great milestone.