Thursday, October 2, 2008

Old Friend and treasured pics

I haven't even sat down at my computer this week until tonight. I felt like I was missing an old friend..amazing how much we depends on these things. I have so much to catch up on and I've missed checking on everyone. Have lots of reading to do!! Plan on getting caught up in the next couple of days and posting some more.

Got some cute pictures of my mom with the kids in the past week. Don't get very many of her so these are really special to me! My kids adore my mom...since we live together they spend a lot of time with her. They have a wonderful relationship with her and I truly can not imagine not having her in our lives. She is an amazing person inside and out. Love love love these pics!

Mom with Lucas and Caleb

Mom with Jacob

Mom with Caleb and Allie

Mom and Allie(this is like looking at pics of her with me when I was a baby....insane how similar)


Tami said...

Such precious pictures. One of these days they will be even more special.

Lori said...

what great pics! having a bond with grandparents is a special thing for children and having pictures will help them cherish this bond as they grow

Windy said...

Great pix - something I need more of with my Mom. Have a great weekend.

The White Family said...

Those were great!! Your little girl is just as cute as she can be. :o)

Steffie B. said... to be treasured! ;)