Thursday, October 23, 2008

Long way up..

We're in Gatlinburg for the weekend. Most glorious place on earth but it was a long day getting here. We decided last night that we were going to take our time getting out the door this morning so we left about 9 or so. Everyone did pretty good for the trip but nothing is unevenful with four kids. We decided we were going to stop about 1130 to eat lunch and feed Allie so at about 1115 we saw an exit that had a couple of restaurants on it but decided to wait for a couple more minutes and stop at the next one. Needless to say we regretted that decision down the road! We drove and drove and drove...anything and everything that could have gone wrong DID. Lanes were closed and we have trucks in front of us. There was construction going on and cops holding up traffic. Allie started fussing and was getting hungrier by the minute so when we saw the sign for a rest stop we decided we were going to stop and feed her first and then take care of everyone else at the next exit. We came to the rest stop and what do we see...CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS UNTIL JULY 2009. Needless to say Allie got fed in the car driving. We kept on for about another 30 miles or so and after an hour and fifteen minutes of driving after our original plan to stop at 1130 we got to eat lunch. Caleb was about to go stir crazy...Allie needed her space to move and we needed silence! Many a time today I looked at David and wondered if we were meant to be going to the mountains this weekend.

So in the end we are here and settled. Caleb and Allie are in bed. Caleb was absolutely exhausted because he only slept for about 20 minutes in the car and Allie was alittle off schedule today. We'll venture out tomorrow and look around Gatlinburg. For tonight we are in the most beautiful place on earth. I have told many people before but everytime I come it just reaffirms...this is where I want to spend my days! You have not experienced life until you sit on the porch in a rocking chair in a log cabin in Gatlinburg!!! Just love it! I'll try and catch up on everyone in the next few days...I am way behind but here! Will try to do my comment duties :) and will post plenty of pictures in the coming days.


Windy said...

Rest up tonight and have a wonderful time away! I agree about sitting in a rocker on the porch of a cabin up there:)

Sheri said...

Glad you made it safe and sound despite a "less than perfect" drive. Enjoy your time together as a family.

Teresa said...

We were just in Sevierville a few months ago (near Gatlinburg. Found log cabins called Sterling Springs Resort ( Wonderful cabins, quiet and overlooking the Smokies, reasonably priced and has a Zip Line! Fun! We had the most relaxing time there.

Your blog is fun to read and your family is beautiful!