Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Growing up..

Lucas chose to go bowling for his birthday. First we went to Outback(his choice) and then to the bowling alley and back home for cake and presents. He loves cookie cakes so that's what he wanted for his cake this year. Everyone had a blast bowling...Jacob even commented when we got home how he wished he had picked bowling instead of Frankie's. I never thought I'd hear that come out of his mouth!! Lucas got video games and books for his birthday...lots of them. Lucas is an absolute bookworm..give the boy a book and he can read the day away. Hard to believe he's eight years old now...he reminds me that it won't be long and he will be ten. I hope that takes a while..time is going by too fast!

Here's his cake. Ever had a cookie cake from Great American Cookie Company? They are sooo yummy so of course I couldn't argue with him when he said that was what he wanted!

Lucas and Jacob after Lucas opened some of his presents.

Caleb and my mom. This is a cute one...he was happy after he got the pins down! Such an adorable smile!!

Lucas and Jacob at bowling alley.

Lucas at bowling alley...he got pretty good by the end of it!


Windy said...

Happy Birthday! Bowling IS a lot of fun - glad you enjoyed it. The pictures are great. Cookie cakes are yummy:)

Cassie said...

I LOOOVVE cookie cake! Sounds like bowling was fun, Happy Birthday to him!

Lori said...

sounds like a fun birthday celebration (it looks like they are bowling with pumpkins)

The White Family said...

How fun!! That cookie cake looks so GOOD!! Happy Birthday to your little boy. :o)

momstheword said...

I had the same thought that Lori did, it does look like pumpkins! And yes, they do grow up so fast. BTW, my puppy's name is Kenzie.

4under3 said...

Cookie Cakes used to be a weakness of mine. We moved away from a store about 2 years ago. Oh, I miss them dearly.

I found you as MckMama's first commenter about Stellan's birth. She's an IRL friend of mine so I had to check you out.

It looks as though we have much in common--having 4 young children and all.


p.s. Your family is adorable.

jennifer said...

Oh, we have LOTS of Magic Tree House books over here!

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheri said...

Those bowling balls look like pumpkins!! Looks like the whole family had a great time celebrating. That cookie looks delicious.