Tuesday, October 7, 2008



Thanks Amanda...I got it FINALLY only thing is that if I deleted the http:// then it wouldn't work however if I left it there then it did. Who knows...but it worked!! :)

How do you link in your post? I've tried but it doesn't work. Help...please!!!! :P


Amanda-The Family News! said...

highlight the word you want to link to - then at the top where all the "tools" are, click on the one that is green (nest to the text color changing one)....that is where you put the address to the page you want to link to.
I usually copy the address directly from the page I want to link to so that I make sure to get it correct....(make sure you delete the http that shows up already).

The White Family said...

PLEASE let me know if you find out.. I'm having the same dern problem. Thanks so much! :o)

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Oh good!!! I am glad you got it to work...

On the deleting the http...since I copy the link directly from the site there is a http in the address already...when i click on the "link" option another http showed up - i took that one out of the line so I wouldn't have two in the address.
I think it is just all in the way you do it - i had to have someone show me how to do this too!!!!

Oh and for your question - yes, I love the bumbo!!! They have a tray you can buy separatly that attaches to it - it's nice so they can try to flip themselves out. If you get one you will see what I mean!!!!