Saturday, October 4, 2008

Same ole...same ole

Same old thing around here this week. Clothes,clothes and more clothes. Trying to get things ready for out toys and other junk that's accumulated around the house in the past few months. Changing seasons is always so incredibly out closets,packing things up,buying new stuff,trying everything on....multiply that by 4 and you have an incredible headache!!!

David's birthday was last weekend. Didn't do anything major...just had dinner and cake here and kids gave him presents. Nothing big this year. Lucas and Jacob both have birthdays in the next two weeks so things are getting crazy around here. Fall is extremely full with birthdays...back to back for two months almost we have 6 birthdays. Insane two months is what we end up with! So in the midst of all the craziness...hopefully I can survive and get some good pictures and of course we'll come away with great memories!

Allie loves her swing but everytime I put her in there within five minutes she has scooted her way into position. This is the way she loves to sit in the swing. Looks uncomfortable and I swear if I were to try and do that...1-I would have a horrible crick in my neck and 2-I wouldn't be able to get up.

When I walked in the other morning to get Caleb up this is what I found. For some reason he always throws everything out of his bed and scrunches himself up. On this particular morning he had his head under his pillow....I just love to watch him sleep!

Here's my oldest...he'll be 8 in two weeks. Wow...where does the time go? David took this at my dad's when we celebrated his birthday over there last weekend.


Amanda-The Family News! said...

cute pics!!! I am right there with you on stuff piling up around the house. I just started pulling out clothes that are too small now for the kids - getting ready (or trying to) for the winter stuff... It just piles up...

Anonymous said...

The baby is too cute in the swing!

I hate sorting clothes. It is ENDLESS.

The White Family said...

Hilarious pic of her in the swing. Whatever works! :o)

Lori said...

ahhh the benefits of living in FL... we don't have to sort the clothes out per season (although as an adult I miss the whole multiple wardrobe thing).

I just hate the whole washing, folding putting away part of clothes... does it ever end?