Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Great Buy

I am just now really getting into this coupon thing. I haven't gotten very good at it yet but am trying really hard. Last night,however I went to CVS. History of this to begin with is that either Jacob or Caleb broke my Swiffer. I honestly don't remember which one...most days they're one in the same. Anyhow I have wanted to get a new one for a while now but have put it off. I decided a couple of weeks ago I was going to look around and see if I could find a good price or a coupon for one. Well..in the Sunday paper CVS had them on sale for 7.99 so off I went last night after an absolutely horrible day!!!

David's still looking for a job...hasn't found one yet. He got a couple of leads off of yesterday so he's off for interviews again this morning. Hoping today is more fruitful. In the process of being stressed about the job situation the kids were in "rare" form yesterday. Allie was fussy(which never happens),Caleb didn't feel good and Jacob and Lucas were horribly behaved. After they went to bed last night I took off for a few rare moments of peace and quiet.

Here's my buy:

Swiffer Sweeper Reg 11.99 on sale for 7.99
Swiffer dry cloths refill 32 ct 8.79 on sale for 6.99
1 Box of Kleenex Anti Viral(this wasn't on sale but had to have for Caleb) 2.29
2 Pairs of Youth Clogs 9.00 a piece..90% off on sale for 1.00 a piece

So I got up to the checkout and my original total was 26 something...I had a $4.00 off $20.00 and I had 7.50 in Extra Bucks so after all my savings

I paid $8.24 out of pocket
I saved $39.26

Plus I got $5.00 extra bucks for next time since I bought $10 in Swiffer products.

The clogs...were a great buy and I couldn't pass them up. They aren't Crocs but they'll do for playing and such...with all my boys I just couldn't leave without getting them for a mere dollar a piece. So like I said I'm new at this thing but I was so proud of my deal I just had to show it off.Sorry if I bored you with it!! :)


Lori said...

great shopping... got to love a bargain!!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Oh I love me some shopping days like this!!! I am MOST excited about a febreeze plug in coupon that I have. $5.00 off - the whole thing is $5.89 at Walmart - so i get it for less than a dollar! Funny how we get so excited over these kinds of things now.... :)

Windy said...

doesn't that make you feel better!

Tami said...

Don't you just love CVS? It is my favorite place to shop. I always come out of there for less than $5. I am currently out of ECBs and up to my ears in Swiffer products from the last deal they had. But I do plan to do a couple of transactions this week. I bought those same "crocs" for my son. He hasn't even looked at the but they fit me, too. So someone will wear them.

The White Family said...

I love shopping days like that!! Makes you feel so good that you did so well. Congrats on your great buys!!!!

Cassie said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I used to love all of the deals I could get at CVS but they don't have them anywhere near us now. I used to get such joy out of all of the savings...my husband thought I was nuts stocking up on shaving cream and stuff LOL