Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Update on Jacob: His ear is much better! When he got up yesterday morning it had gone down a tiny bit though was still badly swollen and red. I gave him another dose of Benadryl and decided to see what would happen for a bit before I called the doctor. As the day went on it progressively got better. It isn't back to normal yet but is much much better than it was 48 hours ago. I think he got bit by something and it obviously didn't set well with his body. I never gave him the steroids that the doctor prescribed us and don't plan to either. I did waste the money to get them filled late Monday night when I took him to the doctor though :( No clue when I'll ever use those - the only other time we've ever used steroids in this house is when they've had SJS so I pray we don't need them for that. I'd rather them just sit in the cabinet and waste the money!!!! Thanks to everyone for checking on him and for all the advice - I have the best blogging friends EVER!

Now for my not so Wordless Wednesday: Some kids never grow up :)

On a serious note I need to ask for something :  Most of you know that my husband does HVAC work. He's constantly on roofs of big buildings or in the attics of houses. In SC it has been in the 90s for the last week with the last four days hitting 95 each day. When it's 95 degrees outside then it's 200 in the attic where he's at. On top of this he was on call last week and last weekend by himself therefore working endless hours. Yesterday he got so exhausted and overwhelmed he stopped sweating 3 times. I am very concerned about him. He came home yesterday early at 5:00 because he was about to drop! If he comes home early and says he needs to stop then you know something is seriously wrong. The heat isn't looking like it's going to get much better over the next 7 days or so : still in the low nineties each day. If you have time please say a prayer for him. He won't stop regardless - he says they are short techs and he can't be out. I tell him he can't kill himself either at the same time. I'm just praying for his safety - that he will realize when his body has had enough before it's too late for him to do something about it and that the people he works for will realize what a disservice they are doing to their techs. Maybe I should just pray he will realize because I know his employer isn't going to change!




Liz said...

glad his ear is doing better...and i hope you won't have to use those steroids....ever! that is a hilarious picture and I just said prayer for your is going to be a hot brother went into kidney failure last summer working outside under the same conditions ....dehydration, overheated and exhausted...spent several days in okay now, but it is really scary out there think they are invincible and will work themselves to death for their's so not worth it!

Just Jiff said...

I had one of the peds here look at the photos of Jacob's ear and she said it looked like a bug bite. Keep doing the Benadryl til it goes away.

As for your hubby, mine is a landscaper so he's out in the heat too. :( All I can say is: frequent breaks, LOTS of Gatorade (not just plain water!), and get plenty of rest when at home. I'll say a prayer for your hubbs too.

Stephanie said...

Haha - love that pic!

UGH. I totally understand what you are dealing with, although it sounds like your husband is a little worse off than Joe. Joe just moved to a different plumbing company and he is doing new construction work, which means he is outdoors all day working hard in the heat. He came home around 6pm yesterday and looked awful. He could barely walk. I worry about him a lot. I'll pray for yours if you'll pray for mine!

JC said...

Make sure he is drinking LOTS of water!!! I'll send up prayers too.

McCrakensx4 said...

Once a kid always a kid...boys are like that aren't they.

Glad to hear that his hear is going down and you didn't have to take him back to the dr.

And praying for your hubby. That sounds awful.

Alicia said...

Glad Jacob's ear is better!!

And I will be praying for your hubby. I hope he is staying hydrated. Poor guy! That is so hard!!

Stacy said...

Glad his ear is looking better.

Was that picture at Chuck E Cheese's? David looks like he is fun to be around:)

Corey works out in the heat,but thankfully he can cool down in his office. I can't imagine how all the men/women make it! I know I wouldn't be able too.

He & Me + 3 said...

So glad his ear is getting this picture.
I will pray with for your hubs.

Donna said...

Tell your hubby to do what my hubby does carry a chest with powerade and water all summer so he is always rehydrated and we live in Texas and it gets plenty hot here to so I sympathize with you. Will be praying hubby's workload slows down some too.