Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lucas 3rd Grade Awards

I am so far behind on the end of the school year. I did Jacob's awards but forgot about Lucas' so I figured I would get to them today.

Lucas had his awards a couple of days before school got out early in the morning. David and I were both able to go and Lucas was very excited that we were going to be there. I really had no idea what awards he was getting until his name was called.

He got A/B honor roll and this was a job this year. I will say that 3rd grade was a pain in my side the entire year. I was shocked at the difference from 2nd to 3rd - talk about a year of growing up bc that is totally what they expect you to do. It was a constant struggle! In the past Lucas has had all A's and although that was his goal ultimately this year he ended up with one B in the second nine weeks. It could have been so much worse so we were happy with what we ended up with. I have never been happier to see a school year come to an end though!

He also got excellent in art. Their art teachers choose a girl and boy from each class to receive this award so it was kind of neat that Lucas was picked. He has always loved art and will check books out from the library during the year showing him how to draw certain things.

He also got perfect and prompt attendance - this means that he was there every single day and on time. Honestly when they called this category I thought to myself, well that's definitely not us but apparently Lucas was there every day. This one kind of gets me because it seems like you could do horrible in school and still get an award if you're there everyday. Oh well - guess there's one there for everyone :)

After his awards ceremony we had their end of the year party which was an ice cream party - at 9 am in the morning!!!!!!! David had to go back to work and since I did room parent I had to stay. We sugared them up for about 45 minutes and then headed downstairs to do the same thing with Jacob's class. We were ice creamed out by lunchtime!




Stacy said...

I guess I will warn you that 4Th grade seems to be the hardest! I was surprised when my kids got perfect attendance. I was sure we had been out:)

I'm so glad Lucas ended with a great year!

Alicia said...

That is kinda cream at 9am! But, I'm sure the kids LOVED it!

Congrats to Lucas on his awesome awards! Good job to you too, mom!

McCrakensx4 said...

Great job on all of your awards Lucas! Now bring on summer!

Cassie said...

Well, it sounds like all of the struggle was worth it at least, since he got good grades.

He & Me + 3 said...

Well congrats to Lucas. Sounds like he finished well. Good for you all being prompt and present. Us not so much. Always late. lOL
Yum to ice cream:)

Laura said...

Yay!! Congrats on all the awards Lucas!