Thursday, September 30, 2010

Catch Up

Seems it's extremely hard to get organized and back in the swing of things these days. I have no idea what's gotten ahold of me but I can't seem to get everything in order again.

We've spent an awful lot of time at the ballpark and very little at home it seems. Between doing things at school and being on the baseball field seems I'm constantly playing catch up. Lucas started travel ball this year and we played in our first tournament two weeks ago - we ended the weekend 2 and 2. We play in our second on this weekend - I think once I get everything in order with the new team things will settle down (I hope so at least).

I never get tired of watching him play ball - I get tired of all the huss and fuss that goes on around the ballpark with 3 other kids but I could sit and watch him play all day long. Then again I know that it will seem like no time has passed and the 3 others will be grown and gone so I think I'll stay right where I'm at right now.

This little girl sticks right by my side the entire weekend! Wherever I am - behind the plate taking pictures,sitting in a chair, walking behind the dugout,on the first base line - she's running after me. The other two are usually playing somewhere but not her - she's my sidekick!

He's stuck in this rut with his arm right now - he is still hitting well but his arm is obviously not in the right place. One more thing I'm sure they'll be working on :)

                                               Love this one!!!! He looks like a natural!




Annie said...

wow!! awesome pictures. you always post such good pictures :)

Vicky said...

He does look like a natural :) Wouldn't I love to have a sweetie like Allie glued to my side. I'm the one at the ball park walking with everyone else's little ones. I know, it seems like yesterday mine were that young and they just aren't anymore.

Erin said...

great great pictures!!! :) love love love the first one!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow steph. All those pictures are great. Love the dirt flying off the one. Great captures. I am so bad these days. Just so busy. NOt even posting my own posts let alone leaving comments. I know what it feels like to be stuck at a sporting is fun but everything else seems to suffer (house, schedules, etc)
It is all worth it to know our kids are happy.