Monday, September 13, 2010

Beach Overload FINALLY

I'm finally getting around to posting about our beach trip - weeks after we got back. We were so excited to go to the beach - it's been a couple of years since we've been and Allie has never been before. It was a long ride and we heard "Are We There Yet?" 8,762,945 times but we finally arrived. We got there and automatically put our bathing suits on to head to the beach and as soon as we headed out the door the rain started. We drove around the strip while the rain was passing and then headed back to the hotel. As soon as it stopped we headed to the beach. I'm glad we went the first day now because it was by far the calmest day at the ocean the entire time we were there and ended up being the only day that Allie wanted anything to do with the water.

Allie was amazed by the water and waves and had a blast in the same the first night. It was low tide and very calm so we could take her and Caleb out a good ways without it being terribly deep. Lucas and Jacob could jump waves and we had a blast!

The second day it was very very rough out in the water. There was a very strong under current and as soon as you got in the water it seemed like you were a 1/4 mile down the beach. It was constant watching to make sure the older boys were within our sight and Allie and Caleb were playing in the sand. Within 30 minutes Allie wanted to go in the pool at the hotel so I headed back with her and we went swimming. As soon as we hit the pool she had the time of her life! My kind of girl - prefers fresh water over salt water and sand!

After a while at the pool we went to the water park and played there for a while. There were waterslides,lazy rivers, and pools that were perfect for the smaller kids.

Later that night we headed to the downtown strip and the kids (and Daddy) played games in an old arcade that David remembered from when he was a kid. We were able to catch a free concert that was awesome and then on our way to the car David and Lucas decided they wanted to do the slingshot. That was the ride of a lifetime for them and priceless for me watching them.

        I love Lucas in this picture - all of the sudden it's like he realizes what he's gotten himself into :)

It was a quick trip but enough for the kids to play and get their fill of the ocean I think. Although I believe Lucas could have stayed much longer :) - he was born to play in the ocean. It felt like an even longer trip home and since we started school the next day it made for a mad dash that night but it was well worth it.

Our last day there we packed everything up and headed out to the beach one final time - once again Allie spent very little time in the water there so after the boys got to boogie board for a while we headed to the pool before we went home.




~ Noelle said...

now that was a fun day!

Vicky said...

That is just precious and I miss summer already. Look how big your kiddos are getting... seriously, I am just noticing. You won't soon forget that trip to the beach and you captured it all in photos so well.

Cassie said...

These are GREAT shots! It looks like you guys had so much fun! That waterpark looks like the one we have here that Jackson practically lived at this summer!

jennifer said...

So cute! I love the pic of all your kiddos together. It's amazing how different they all look!! Love the pic of you and your sweetie too! Looks like a blast!

(That water park looks awesome!)

Shay said...

Great pictures! Was the water park at your hotel or is there an actual water park in MB?

Shannon said...

We are really hoping to take our kids to the beach next month. I hate the hot, hot summer weather and didn't want to go until Fall. Even though I grew up in South FL I've never been much of a beach girl. I love these mountains, but since the kids have never been I'm giving in. :)

Liz@ 4 GUYS & A DOLL said...

GREAT pictures!! Love all of Allie's suits...of all the girly stuff bathing suits are one of my favorite things!

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh I love the beach! Is that Myrtle? We went to Hilton Head when the boys were little and they loved it. We have been to the west coast once but only to put our feet in, never to swim. Looks and sounds like everyone had a blast!

He & Me + 3 said...

It sounds so fun and the beach pictures are great. Allie is so cute in her swim suits.

Veronica said...

Just scrolling down to see what I missed here on your blog. I love all the pics you took of your beach trip and esp love all of Allie's swimsuits!

We live only about 20 minutes away from the beach and I think we take that for granted. I don't think I could live anywhere else though. There's nothing like living on the coast!

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