Tuesday, May 18, 2010

At Home on the Field

I'm so proud of this kid! There is nothing in my life that I enjoy more than watching him play baseball. I never thought I'd be a baseball mom-riding back and forth from field to field and actually enjoying watching them play and getting into the games. I thought I'd be sitting there clueless painting my toenails and reading a book from the boredom. It's turned out to be anything but that!

He's had challenges this year in and out of school. What a transition year 3rd grade has been and I can't believe we're only 2 weeks away from surviving it. Nevertheless the baseball field has been his home many a nights-in fact more than I can count. He lives for the sport and I love that we are able to give it to him.

We start tournament play tonight-here's hoping we get a better outcome than last year when they rained out the championship game!!! Here's hoping we make it to the championship game :)





Stacy said...

I think Noah as struggled alot this year too (he's in 3rd).

Lucas looks like a pro holding that bat. Isn't it funny how us mama's get so into the game..lol:)

Stacy said...

OK so now I see Lucas wasn't holding the bat. He's the catcher! Wow, that job always seemed scary to me when my kids played:)

Cassie said...

Aw I hope they make it to the championship too. I bet he would be thrilled if they won!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I'm glad somebody enjoys watching baseball! I know it is terrible because I should want to watch my kiddos play, but I really don't like it! I would much rather watch them play soccer:)

Windy said...

looks like a natural:) be glad you love it - imagine how awful it would be sitting through all that if you didn't!

He & Me + 3 said...

Good luck. I hope the win it all. I love their uniforms. CUTE

McCrakensx4 said...

How fun...and Great job! Love the red pinned striped pants...very cool! My boys' last game is tomorrow and then playoffs start Monday...Colin loves to be behind the plate too! Good luck getting to the big game!