Monday, June 15, 2009

Smarter with Age?...I think Not!

I'll start with the back story first. When I was in high school my church youth group took a trip to the beach. It was a yearly trip that we all looked forward to all year know one of those where you feel like you're getting to spread your wings alittle while you're of those where you really don't have as much supervision as everyone though you would...(mom and dad....even after all these years..I did not say that!) We went to Isle of Palms in Charleston and were gone for a week...parents were splitting the week up to chaperone and my parents had the second half for the trip. A day before my parents were supposed to come we went out to the beach...spent hours out there. I'm not one to lay out in the sun and never really have been..I have fair skin and laying out in the sun just doesn't work for me. We were in the water and before I knew it hours had passed before we headed back in to our rooms. I knew I was burnt very soon after we got back to our rooms and I think the first shower I took after the beach was the last one I took for a couple of weeks. The next morning I was in some of the most horrible pain I have ever felt in my entire life. My parents were coming late that day and I remember talking to them with tears in my eyes. I was burnt so badly on my shoulders and chest that I had blisters 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall. It was BAD! When my mom and dad got there I quickly moved to their room(that tells you how bad I was hurting since I wanted to room with mom and dad,right?) After going to the doctor when we got home and having to take oatmeal bath after oatmeal bath...treating blisters left and right and weeks I finally healed. Ever since then my skin has been very sensitive though...I burn very easily not only because of having fair skin but because in a way it still feels raw on my shoulders from years ago.

Fast forward to this past weekend...we had the first allstar tournament and were at the ballpark pretty much all weekend long. We got to the park on Saturday morning and as soon as we got there I realized that I forgot to bring sunscreen for Allie who bless her heart also has been blessed with fair skin like her mama. One of the parents had some in their car and got it for me thank goodness so I started putting sunscreen on her. I reapplied it several times throughout the day and she got alittle red but was in very good shape at the end of the day and was spared being burned! Although I didn't realize until I got home Saturday night that I was so concerned with applying and reapplying on her that I completely forgot about myself. I knew I was burnt but it wasn't too bad so I wasn't very worried about it. Sunday I was sore and still walked out of the house without sunscreen again but used some again at the park on her and she did fine. I got home last night and was so burnt that I felt sick. I was knocked out at 8 and could hardly move. Now I have tiny blisters all over my shoulders and the past 24 hours have been torture!!!! Holding a baby while she's going to sleep and laying her head on your shoulder is pure torture...I could bite through nails at those times during the day. Taking showers hurts..applying lotion hair touching my shoulders hurts...moving hurts....lifting my arms hurts...putting my hair up hurts....basically everything hurts!

So you would think that I'd get smarter with age...NOT!


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Awww.. I'm so sorry! I burned a bit last week, but thankfully it has gone away now - nothing compared to what you are dealing with... I hope it heals soon!

The Ice House said...

I have heard that soaking in apple cider vinegar really helps.

I'm right there with you, hon, fair skin and all. I had those same burns on my shoulders when I was younger. A few years back my forehead was terribly burnt. It is still tender today. Skin cancer runs in my family and you better believe I keep an eye on that forehead of mine.

Praying for relief from your burns and that you heal quickly.

He And Me + 3 said...

I used to get burned like that, but with age my skin tone has remained a little darker. All except my legs. they don't burn or tan. Strange.
Hope you feel better soon...maybe you should get regular daily body lotion with spf in it so you never forget:) I need to start that with my face. It is getting very freckly from the sun.

momstheword said...

Oh Stephanie! You poor thing!!!! I don't think I have ever had a blistering sunburn, at least not that I remember.

It sound just awful!!!! My son got two blisters, one on each shoulder, when we went to a waterpark when he was about 11.

We were putting the lotion on him but I guess it washed off. We kept reapplying it but didn't want long enough for him to go in the water.

Anyway, two were painfully, and we put aloe vera on it. I can only imagine how you must be suffering. I hope you feel better soon!

Stephanie said...

Poor you!!! Sunburns are awful. Just a plain burn hurts bad enough, I can't imagine the pain if it's so bad you blister like that. Ouch. I hope it goes away quickly. A fair-skinned person told me recently that vinegar helps. Poor Summer has really fair, sensitive skin as well. I really have to watch her, she will burn during a 1 minute walk through a parking lot it seems like!

Veronica said...

How painful!!! I totally know what you mean about burning. The same thing happens to me. I cannot tan at all. I go immediately to lobster. Hope you get better soon. Crystal(you and me plus three( just posted about this same thing the other day and lots of people left her suggestions for what worked on a sunburn for them. Hope you get to feeling better soon!!!

Sneaky Momma said...

Oh, you poor thing!!!! I can offer no words of advice, but I can offer tons of sympathy. I hope you get some relief soon!
Thanks for being the SSF for today! You're awesome!!!!

Stacy said...

Thankfully I do not burn that bad but Corey,Kain and Zoe are a differant story! You know red heads burn something terrible! I finally found sunscreen thats 100

Hope you start feeling better!

amanda said...

ahhh. been there. done that. and did it again. so apparently it's something we all do!! loved your sneaky friend post!

Liz @ My Full Cup said...

Oh, that is horrible. I got burned really bad one time in was so bad, that one of my guy friends had to carry me back to my room because I could not walk. (burned the backs of my legs). It was awful...I feel your pain!!

As moms it is so easy to forget to take care of ourselves. We get so busy putting sunscreen on the kiddos that we forget to put it on ourselves. I know...I've done it!

Hope you feel better soon.

Alicia said...

Oh my have really sensitive skin!!!

Have you tried Noxzema??