Sunday, June 28, 2009

Little Bits

First off I want to tell you guys about an awesome sale that my friend Colleen is holding this coming week in her etsy store. If you guys remember the pictures I posted last week with the hat and bows that she sent for Allie then you know exactly who I am talking about. Her little girl Abby is turning 1 and she is holding a sale in honor of her birthday. Head over to Colleens and check out all of her amazing hats and hair accessories!!!!

We lost our game today...It was tough but the kids just weren't on their A game today. Of course the tournament is double elimination so we play again tomorrow night. The kids just weren't on today so we're hoping that they'll come ready to play tomorrow!!!! Here's hoping for another win!

David's back is really taking a hit with all this baseball going on right now. I have posted about his back problems before but he hasn't had any major problems lately...this everyday baseball has really affected him though and his back is starting to bother him again. His back problems started a couple of years ago and we've been through physical therapy,bed rest and injections so far. He's been in a good bit of pain for the last week or so. I'm calling a new chiropractor in the morning that is supposed to be very good and able to do spinal decompressions so I'm hoping he'll be able to get him in,get some xrays taken and hopefully be able to help David. If you have time please say a prayer for him and his back.

I feel like I'm washing the same clothes everyday right now...wait I am washing the same clothes everyday. I have tons of other laundry waiting...but right now I'm washing the same exact outfits each and everyday for baseball. If we can keep winning I'll gladly keep washing though!!!


Keri said...

Yikes, back aches are so painful! Definitely saying a prayer for David.

I only wish I had a baby girl so I could buy her those adorable hats. Bummer :(

drewmark19 said...

I've got my fingers crossed that you'll get a win next time. In the meantime, I hope your husband's back starts feeling better. That is such a frustrating thing to go through, because there isn't much that can be done. Hopefully once the sports are done, things healthwise for him will get back to normal.

Alicia said...

Hi Stephanie!!

That's how I felt w/ soccer season! I was always washing the same stuff!!

Sorry they lost their game!! I hope they don't lose their moral for the next one!1

I'll be lifting up your husband in prayer, my friend!

Vicky said...

Its hard when they lose, isn't it? Especially if they are somewhat used to winning. At least the kids seem to shake it off fairly quickly. Good luck in the next game! I was just noticing my laundry sink has a ring of red baseball dirt constantly around it!

BTW, I've tagged you for an award/meme on me blog :)

Alicia W. said...

I'm sorry you lost your game.. We lost too and then we lost our second one so were out. It was so much fun while it lasted though. Hope you get caught up on your laundry honey. Have a great Monday.

Liz said...

Ugh....nothing worse than back pain...hope he finds some relief soon...thanks for the heads up on the hair accessories...going to check it out now!