Friday, March 27, 2009

Don't Understand!

Updated: I just read MckMama's twitter and they are going in to try and get some sort of permanent iv access on Stellan...she doesn't know if it'll be a central/j/picc line but keep him in your prayers!!!!!!

Prayers for Stellan

I'm having a hard time thinking about posting a regular blog post this morning with all that's going on. My mind is on other things. Stellan is still in the hospital and as of last night he'd been in SVT for the last 26 hours. I also heard this morning that Veiyah is back in the hospital also. I posted about her a while back on my blog when she was in for heart surgery and became very critical. They put her back in yesterday for severe dehydration. I suppose I'm having a difficult time thinking and writing about my kids right now when there are babies out there that are suffering...I don't get it. I've had major issues with my faith for the last 5 years or so and it is times like these that it is hardest on me. I don't understand why a loving God would do this to tiny innocent children. Why not to the convicts that have murdered heinously in prison or to the sexual predators out there that had hurt innocent little boys and girls...why innocent babies that can't fight on their own and have done nothing wrong in their entire lives. I don't get it. Anyhow...I really wasn't intending to go that in depth but for now I just ask that everyone pray for Stellan and Veiyah. I've put both their links on here for those of you that don't know them.


The Mama said...

I completely understand. I have questioned my faith as well. Trust me. And yes, it is hard to think about something else. On here, I have became attached to the updates, the pictures of Stellan and now this. I have read about Veiyah but I didn't know she was back in, I have to go show some love. I think it is normal to feel how you feel. It is just amazing to have people come together like this for other's that live not near. I am praying for the both of them and God knows what the outcome will be :(

MarvelousMOM said...

It is heartbreaking. I hate it. I, like you, don't understand either. It seems extremely unfair. I feel for both families and hope both little ones are strong enough to fight through it.

He And Me + 3 said...

Those are questions that we may never have the answers to until we get to heaven. It is very hard for us to understand and comprehend. That is where our Faith comes in. We have to believe that what happens is God's perfect plan, that God is not surprised by anything that happens. He is using everything for His greater good. All that being is still hard to understand.

Alicia said...

this just breaks my heart into pieces! so so so sad and I just don't understand it either. Hug your babies tight Steph!

Alicia said...

Hi Julie! I's hard to understand. Only God knows the answers, and I think ultimately it's also to strengthen our faith and in the end draw closer to the Lord. As far as those gross predators, etc., they will stand before God one day for all the heinous things they have done.

The bible says to lean not on our own understanding, and that's what we have to do. Keep our eyes focused on Him!! Even though our flesh questions certain things, we have to know that God has a plan for everything!! I'm sure during this time, Stellan's parents faith have increased so much because they know all they can rely on is the one true and living God that is holding them up right now.

HUGS, Julie!!!!

Alicia said...

LOL, I mean, Stephanie!

I was thinking of Julie for some reason. I think it's because she is the one who did your blog!! :)

Amber said...

Hi Stephanie,

You comment so often and are so sweet and encouraging on Jimmie's blog. I thought I'd come and check out your blog!

I understand your pain about this as well. It is something I've struggled with. What has been revealed to me is that God does not do this. Only good and lovely things come from Him. Life and relationships would not be real if God did not create free will and a universe with nature and chance and circumstance. I believe He is powerful, but that He does not and cannot control every thing. He relinquished some of his power to make life REAL. Otherwise it would be Him playing with little robots who had no true will to choose right and good things- to choose love.

Praying, positive thinking and things of that nature open pathways and invite His presence into situations where we need Him. The more we believe, pray, trust - the more He can influence the situation. Life is a battle and we are called to fight our best fight in faith and belief in a good and loving God. And even if we do our best and the outcome still sucks- at least we know that with God- we fought the best fight and that someday there will be no more tears and suffering and there will be resurrection in the full presence of our Father.

Lots of Christians believe God gives us life and takes it away. I think He gives it, but never destroys it.

You can take this or leave it. I just thought I'd very simply sum up my thoughts on this because it is something I have struggled with too.

You should read C.S. Lewis's "The Problem Of Pain" good book on this subject.

P.S. I've recently started following MckMama's blog and I'm praying for Stellan too!

Amber said...

Oh and I gotta say- your kiddos are so VERY cute!

McCrakensx4 said...

Lifting these little ones up to our God.

Anonymous said...

Stellan is all I've been thinking about the last few days. I've been very down.....and I'm going through alot of issues with my faith so I'm hoping Stellan gets another miracle