Friday, March 27, 2009

10 Months and Still Blue

Ten months ago today right at this very moment I was sitting in a hospital room finishing up spaghetti from Capris and drinking cup after cup of a gallon of sweet tea. David and I were arguing over whether or not we were going to send Allie to the nursery for the first night. I didn't want to but he did and after keeping her until about midnight I sent her for a few hours so I could get some sleep.

It's hard to believe it's been ten months since I first saw her face....held her in my arms and kissed her sweet little face. I remember every single detail about that day! It makes me sad to know that in two short months we'll be celebrating her first birthday...sad because she's growing up so quickly but happy because of everything we are going to get to experience with her throughout the years. I wish time would just slow down alittle so she could stay right where she's at for awhile longer.

(David took this picture today...I think it's my favorite of all so far)
Allie Cat:

These last ten months have been the best of my life. I've absolutely enjoyed every single second of them..from the times when you're laughing and smiling from ear to ear to when we're sitting up in the middle of the night because you refuse to sleep in your bed. Right now you're much happier right smack in the middle of your Daddy and I and honestly when it comes down to it we really couldn't care less. You have brought so much to our lives and I honestly can't look back and remember life without you in it. You've started pulling yourself up and can now stand up all by yourself...before we know it you'll be cruising around holding onto the couch and tables. You don't stay in one place at all anymore..wherever I go I know that you're going to be right behind me. Secretly...I love it! I love you! You still love bananas,applesauce and fruit medley. You're still not very excited by veggies though...we'll eventually work on it but for now I'll take what I can get. You will eat carrots from time to time but absolutely hate anything that has peas or green beans in it. You discovered the sippy cup this month and love to get your hands on Caleb's..I've started giving you one with alittle bit of water and you love it. Your top two teeth have broken through also and in the past three days one of your top side ones has come through..your other is right there. I belive you're going to have a mouthful for your first birthday..I really think you're just gearing up for that cake! You've started waving and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! Oh and the most important thing is you started saying Mama this past month. You said what sounded like Dada a couple months back but broke out with Mama just recently. You LOVE to sit in the kitchen and play with the magnets on the refrigerator each and'll sit there for the longest time and entertain yourself. I'm amazed at watching you and love to see everything you are discovering. You love bathtime..each night you splash away and never ever fuss. Each and every morning I walk in to find you laying with your eyes open...most of the time in Mommy and Daddy's bed and as soon as you see me you get the biggest grin on your face. I think that it is absolutely the most amazing thing in the world that you think so much of are my everything little girl. I want you to know that I will always ALWAYS be there for you no matter what. I love and adore you my pretty girl! You're getting more hair each and everyday though you don't have enough for the clippies that are waiting for you yet..we're still in the headband stage right now. For a while your hair was darker but it's beginning to lighten up a bit I believe...and last but not least...after 10 months your eyes are still the most gorgeous blue I have ever seen in my entire life..knock on wood....I'm praying that they stay that way!




Cassie said...

That is such a sweet tribute to her. It is crazy how fast they grow!

Tanya said...

Are you kidding? Those eyes are not changing! Both my kids had the changing blue eyes in the begining, they usually start to change by 6 month and finish by 1. But that's my kids. I bet my 401K, her eyes are not changing. Great pics btw. Happy 10months old!

Veronica said...

Love this post. Love the pics. It sure does go way too fast! Happy 10 months Allie!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So glad I ofund your blog....will be back often.

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Crystal said...


Just keep messing with it and you will get the hang of it!

PS.. you have a beautiful family!

Stacy said...

Those eyes are so beautiful!! I think they will stay blue.

He And Me + 3 said...

What a sweet post. She is so cute. Wow she looks like Daddy. I love the picture of you and her. Just precious. I think that might have to be your next profile picture, too cute.
They do grow up fast don't they? I wish I could freeze time for just a bit too!

Crystal said...

What a cutie!

Isn't amazng that Tiffany won. I was even more amazed when I read her post today about her asking for some kind of sign.. God is so good, all the time!!!

Julie said...

That is the best picture of you & Allie! I love it! I can't believe in only a few months she'll be one! Time sure flies the first year!

Sneaky Momma said...

What a beautiful photo of you and your little Allie Cat! Such a sweet letter, too. :)

Amber said...

WOW- she does have beautiful blues! I seriously doubt they'll change now.

Nope-- I don't have my own blog. Just the one for Jimmie and Mckenna's- my daughter who has had lymphatic malformations. Maybe I'll make my own blog just for my family someday. (-: A blog not centering around some sort of medical drama. What a nice thought.

McCrakensx4 said...

What a sweet letter to your sweet little girl. They do grow up so fast and I know what you mean about not remembering life before them! I love the pic that David took of the two of you. Need to be in a frame for sure!

♥..Kim said...

Aw! That was such a beautiful letter to your daughter. I wish time would stay still for now also, I can't believe how fast our children grow up. She is so adorable.
You asked where Summerville is in my blog, I live about 20 miles from Charleston SC, if ya know where that might be.
Have a great day.

MarvelousMOM said...

Such a sweet post. I love it. That is a great picture of the two of you!