Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's obviously Monday so it's time for what the blogging world refers to as free therapy..Not Me Monday. Head over to MckMama's and see what everyone else did not do this past week!

Now as for me:

I have not used 4 boxes of Kleenex in the past 6 days on two..that's right I said 2 children. Imagine what it would have been like with 4.

After my plans on Friday for such a relaxing and productive weekend my husband did not come home Friday early and spent the entire weekend sick.

I did not say I was going to work on cleaning out my bedroom this weekend because that would have been a lie since I didn't get to touch it!

I did not have to move Caleb's room around so that he would stop playing with the blinds when it was time to go to bed.

And I am absolutely not rushing out to the store to buy childproof door knob covers so that when it's beditme Caleb can not repeatedly come out of his room into the hallway for two hours. That's right I did not just admit that Caleb(my perfect sleeper after taking 18 mths to sleep through the night)has started not wanting to go to bed. UGH!!!

I am not so far behind once again in commenting on blogs that I need to just sit down for a few hours and browse! Seriously..I promise guys I'm coming :)


Veronica said...

And I thought my life had a lot going on...Praying that this week will be better for you guys!

Stephanie said...

I hope everyone feels better soon!!

We had to get a doorknob cover for Summer's door, too. And then when she figured out how to take it off, we had to duct tape it together.

Julie said...

My kids don't like sleep...I don't get it. Hope everyone is feeling better!!

He And Me + 3 said...

I hope that you bought stock in tissues. Wow that is alot of tissues. Sorry to hear that hubby is now sick. Hope everyone is better soon.

McCrakensx4 said...

Too funny; great list! Hope that the kiddos get better soon! And the whole doorknob cover...LOL!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

You POOR dear! Tell that hubby of your's to get healthy soon. You need a break!!!
Seriously, though, hope this week is a healthier one for you and the whole family. :)

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I am so far behind too... I am mainly just reading and not commenting.. just so I can catch up.

I hope everyone feels better soon. I am sure you all need a break.