Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am starting to think that our normal is chaos in this house! After the last week or more of David after his surgery he called me about 630 last night on his way home from work and told me he thought he had broken his foot. I seriously thought he was joking!!!! He came home and we proceeded to go to the urgent care center after calling my step mom to come and help my mom with the kids. I have to admit it's almost flattering that when others are left with my four children they need some help in order to take care of all of them since I do it by myself all day everyday. Kinda strokes my ego that I can do it on my own :) Anyhow bless their hearts...I have the best parents ever! So I took him and they did xrays..thankfully no break but a bad sprain and probable ligament tear. Let me tell you from experience these last two weeks there is NOTHING like hearing a grown man cry! My husband doesn't handle pain well to put it mildly and on top of that he refuses to be out of work after already being out with his surgery. So he's back there this morning..walking on the same said foot that he was told to stay off of for a week working away..seriously he is COMMITTED to his job...and I am sure as soon as he comes home he'll want nothing more than to hang out on the couch. I mean really....will things ever slow down and be normal around here...will I ever get a break? We still haven't gotten back to where he could fully 100% help me with the kids since his surgery and now this?

After our escapade at the urgent care center I came home and stayed up all night with Allie once again. I slept from 11 until 1230 and then from 330 until 6. We ARE going to the doctor today! As much as I don't want anything to be wrong I want to know what's going on so off we will go as soon as we can get an appointment.

After all that I am adding even more chaos to my life by taking Jacob out of school. He was attending a church preschool for the past year and a half and I have decided to take him out until he goes to kindergarten next year. I have always thought about homeschooling my kids however right now I don't feel as though I could do it with Allie and Caleb at home and Lucas does great in school so as of right now that isn't a problem. Jacob however is another story entirely! To this day after three months of school that is supposed to be preparing him for kindergarten next year and that we pay for he still can not write his name and only knows the letters J,A and O. I can pick him up from school after his three days a week and on the way home ask him what letter they did and most of the time he will have no idea. I have decided that I think I can do a much better job getting him ready for kindergarten here at home. So please pray for me and for Jacob. Lord..me for patience!!! I'm going to need it! And Jacob for an easy transition...I laid awake in bed last night for about an hour(an hour that I am sure I could have used the sleep since I was up all night after that with Allie)and stressed over the decision I had made. He loves the kids there and has made some great friends and to be perfectly honest with you he loves his teacher but he's just not getting what I feel like he needs out of it. I would put him in another preschool around here but there are waiting lists a mile long and to be perfectly honest with you Jacob isn't good at change. He has a hard time adjusting to new environments and I hate to put him through that when he is going to be experiencing such a big change with school next year.

So here we are...our chaotic life...I don't think it will ever be normal again but for now...it's our "normal" :)


He And Me + 3 said...

It is hard now, but you will some day miss the chaios. Preschool is a tough decision, and finding the right one for your child is difficult. What worked for one may not work for the others. We love Montessori, but right now, Kolby is going to a Christian preschool, because Montessori is 5 days a week and he is not ready for that yet. Hope you feel back to normal soon.

Julie said...

Only you know what is best for your children. Try not to stress...easier said than done though. :)

The White Family said...

Oh honey, when it rains it pours!! Bless your heart. I would want to pull my hair out if I were you. Just breathe and take it one thing at a time. Your only one person and can only do so much.

Just keep telling yourself "It could be worse".

I hope everything goes okay today at the dr's office and they give you some good sleep medicine, lol or advise. Whatever works right! :o)

Alicia said...

Hi Stephanie!!

It's like when you come out of one trial, another one awaits!! This too shall pass, girl!!!!

That is a big decision about your son Jacob. I homeschool, and I see the benefits from it. You will have that one one one time w/ him, and be able to really focus on what he needs to learn. Patience is a big factor, but God knows, and He will get you through it!!!! And with everything!!!

I'll be praying for you guys! HUGS!

momstheword said...

Goodness, girl! Your poor hubby! I'm glad it's not broken but I'm sorry that you know have one more person to care for! Hope he heals quickly.

My youngest did not like change either, and it was so hard for him to sit still.

See if your library has the book "Learning At Home" by Ann Ward. It's a great curriculum that you could use to teach your son some things in preparation for next year. My kids loved it and so did I. Just a thought.

BTW, your picture dropped off my followers on the homepage because I had some new followers but you are on the list so can still be seen. I am currently trying to figure out how to make mine say "View followers" so they can see your picture. I don't know how to do that. People can see it if they click on "Followers manage" but I want it to see "view followers" like yours does.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I hope you feel "normal" again soon, but until then, do as you are and embrace your new "normal". :)