Friday, December 10, 2010

Five Question Friday

I've been so behind and slack on things lately that I've decided to get back to the basics and do whatever I have to in order to keep up with my blog and of course all of yours too :) I have to find a way to fit it into my schedule and can't always count on doing it in the mornings before the kids are away. So - I'm on a mission again - it's hit me today how much I enjoy doing this and I'm going to find a way to make it work!

Getting back to basics I used to do Five Question Friday every week and decided to start joining back in this morning. Head over and visit Mama M. at My Little Life to join in - let me know you did because if you've been around here for a while you know how I love random questions!!

1. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

We open our presents on Christmas Day. Although last year we started a new tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve. I decided to get each kid new pjs (hopefully Christmas ones if I can find them) and a new book and that is their Christmas Eve present. Then they wear the new pjs to bed Christmas Eve and have them for Christmas Day. They loved it last year so I must continue on.

2. What is your favorite Christmas cookie (or candy)?

Oh my - one of my most favorite things about this time of year is the baking!!!! I HEART baking! I am starting to make my list of things I want to bake this year and it's getting longer and longer as I type. I can't wait! I would have to say that my most favorite cookie is a neopolitan cookie. It's a recipe that was handed down from my great grandmother and we only got it around Christmas time - I love to make them and remember the past years when I was little and she'd always make them for me.

3. What's the worst Christmas gift you've ever received?

When I was little we used to go to my stepmom's parents house for Christmas at some point before the actual day. Her entire family would come and we'd open gifts and eat dinner together. Every single year with no fail I'd get underwear. It was always the most embarassing thing EVER - she'd always want you to take them out of the package and look at them - makes me cringe just thinking about it.

4. Christmas song that you love?

My favorite is a kid's song - Here Comes Santa Clause - when we sing that song it always brings pure excitement. A traditional song would have to be Silent Night.

5. How many trees do you put up?

We only put up one in our house - it takes everything I have to keep the kids away from that one so I can't imagine having multiple ones to worry about. I'd have to set up security cameras in other rooms.



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