Thursday, December 16, 2010


See these babies? Well they're all home today UNPLANNED and it's just screwed my plans up so that I'm not a happy mama. You see Caleb and Allie were supposed to have their Christmas program this morning at preschool. Now that they have closed schools Caleb and Allie's program has been delayed until tomorrow at 1 pm. However Lucas and Jacob have their parties tomorrow at 1:30 that I HAVE to be at because I'm a room parent. :( So it's Caleb and Allie's first Christmas program and now there's a chance I won't get to see it. I'm so incredibly discouraged and upset right now and can't for the life of me figure out how to make it work. My parents have graciously offered to do whatever is needed but I am still stuck with the fact that I won't get to see their program. Sooooo today I'm hoping I'll sprout wings and develop a twin so I can be in two places at once tomorrow and not miss anything! Join me in my prayer  -  nothing's impossible, right?




Jill said...

Perhaps your parents (or one of the other parents in the class) could take over as room mom until you can get there tomorrow? When I was a teacher, it wasn't a big deal to have a stand-in room mom for a party. I'm sure the teacher would understand if you needed someone else to come in, especially if you being at the party means missing something important with your other children. Hope everything works out so that you can attend some of both events.

Erin said...

What I would do.. is call the older boys schools or teacher and let them know you will be 30 minutes late. that you werent planning on this but that you could have your mom come in your place for the 30 minutes or an hour you will be late but that you will not be missing your little ones programs..

Don't over think it.. I am sure there are enough parents for the older ones that you can be 30 minutes late and it isn't a full time job, they can't fire you.. it is a party and I would rather miss that then miss my little ones first program. .

Do what you think is right but don't over look or think it all.. just small decisions!!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Man that stinks! I hope you figure out a good compromise. Henry and Grant both have parties at the same time tomorrow, but their classrooms are right next door to each other so I can go back and forth easily! Good luck tomorrow!