Monday, December 13, 2010

Back to Halloween

It's less than 2 weeks until Christmas and I am posting Halloween pictures - honestly that's a good view into my life for the last few months. Since I'm playing catch up we can take a walk down memory lane around here today.

It took me forever to decide on Allie's costume - better said it took Allie forever to decide on Allie's costume. We went back and forth between 3 costumes for a while and everytime she decided on one and we walked away she changed her mind again. Finally Daddy took charge and they made the FINAL decision.

Caleb's was simple - he's infatuated with police men and he automatically knew he was going to be a police officer. Finding one in his size as skinny as he is but that fit his height was another story.

Caleb and Allie had a Halloween party at school the week before and Caleb's class had a Halloween parade. Allie's class watched from inside the building and then we headed back to the classrooms for their parties.

I love this of David and Allie looking at each other through the window.

We recycled Lucas and Jacob's costumes this year - I couldn't see spending money on costumes that we already had laying around the house so we dug through everything we had until they found something that they wanted.

We actually went Trick or Treating with some friends this year to a neighborhood that we had never been to before. We loved it - this neighborhood celebrated Halloween unlike anything that I have ever seen before. Almost EVERY single house was participating and they went all out. There were hundreds and hundreds of people in the streets - it was insane! Needless to say I think we'll be going back to that neighborhood again in the future.




Erin said...

Super cute.. that is like the neighborhood we go to it is so much fun to see everyones house all ready for halloween!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Fun pictures! Allie costume is too cute:)

Stephanie said...

Love all their costumes! I love that their school had a parade. Summer's school didn't :-(

Vicky said...

So cute! I miss you when you are away from us :) We recycled too this year, and my boys didn't mind at all. Allie makes the cutest Dorothy ever!!

PotterMama said...

CUTE!!!! I love Allie's faces! :)

Julie said...

Allie's costume is adorable! I had to laugh out loud at the first photo with her pulling her dress up!