Saturday, December 4, 2010

Double Digits

I'm going all the way back to October for this post :) See what happens when you're on top of things behind. Lucas is getting harder and harder to buy for as he gets older. This year was no exception. Both kids decided to have their meals at home for their birthdays instead of going out to eat - shock of the century! Lucas wanted spaghetti and Nendny and Papa came over to celebrate with us.

He was estatic to get money like his brother did - I think if he didn't then we'd still be hearing about it 10 years from now.

I love this look! Priceless!

 Have you ever seen a kid so excited over a Scrabble game?

 His grandmother gave him baseball gloves and hid money in the fingertips - funny when he tried to put them on and couldn't get his fingers to go in. Took him a good five minutes to dig all of the money out.

Then he got more books to read and an MP3 player that I still haven't figured out how to load songs onto. I am thinking we should have gotten an easier one to operate. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on one since it was his first one and he's 10 but I can't seem to figure out how to get songs loaded onto the one that we got. I might have to break down and actually read the directions.




Alicia said...

Better late than never!! Looks like he had a great birthday! And I think that's so sweet that he wanted a home cooked meal!!!!

Liz at 4 GUYS and A DOLL said...

how sweet...looks like he had a very happy birthday...can't believe you have one in the double digits..i've got 6 more months and i'll have a 10 year old too! they are hard to buy for that is for sure!

Vicky said...

Aww, Happy Birthday to Lucas! They ARE harder to buy for the older they get. He does look thrilled with what he got!

~ Noelle said...

hope yall had a fun time
it looks like you did