Monday, December 20, 2010

Busy Busy Week

I have 5 days to finish up Christmas shopping - I probably won't do most of it until Friday though. Seems odd when I get started on Black Friday to go up until the very last minute but I love it. I love to be out on Christmas Eve running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get every last little thing bought. The excitement on that day is something that's contagious!

We have a very busy week ahead. Lots of baking, cleaning out toys, cleaning house, laundry to do. The older boys are going to their grandparent's house tomorrow for a couple of nights and will be back on Christmas Eve. In years past I have always waited until Christmas Eve to wrap everything - yes I'm crazy and yes I'm usually working at it for hours!! however this year I might get some done during the week since they won't be here at night. I don't ever put Christmas presents under the tree until Christmas Eve after the kids have gone to bed - maybe that is why I have never messed with wrapping them earlier either. I think going to bed with absolutely no presents and then waking up with the tree covered up is the coolest thing ever.

I was able to go to Caleb's Christmas program on Friday. Allie ended up not being in it since it was rescheduled. Technically she wasn't supposed to be in it - the 2s were just going to walk in dressed in little elf hats and sit in the front row to watch the program but since they didn't have school that day she stayed with us. I was a little disappointed that I wasn't going to get to see her dressed up but oh well. Caleb was the cutest little shepherd ever!! I was able to stay for the first 15 minutes and see him sing and then I had to run out of there to get to the older boys school for their parties. It was an insane day! I wanted to tape the program but when I got there my video camera battery was dead so I had to settle for a few far off pictures. I'm hoping to get a copy of the disc that the school recorded when they go back after the holidays.

Caleb is the fourth from the left in all of these. He did awesome in the performance. In the previous two parties he has had and they have performed a few songs for the families he gets extremely nervous almost to the point of making himself sick after it's over. When he first walked out as a shepherd I thought he was going to throw up all over the place he looked so nervous but he sang and actually did the motions and I was so proud of him!

So school is over and the kids are all home. My house is officially even crazier than it usually is and we have sickness lingering again. I sat up until 2 am last night trying to go to sleep but for my throat being constantly scratchy. Allie and Caleb coughed off and on all night long and have the runny nose from hell. Praying we can get over it before Christmas. Way to much to do to be sick. This could officially be the most rambling post ever!




Stephanie said...

So adorable! I'm waiting till the last minute too, but it's mainly due to lack of funds and not my need for excitement. Lol. I agree, we always wait till Christmas Eve after bedtime to set presents out, too. They love it and it also keeps things from getting ripped apart or peeked at. There is one present for my nephew under there right now and it's gotten carried around the house and dropped twice already.

Erin said...

oh I am so glad you made it for some of his program.. makes me happy to see those pictures, he sure does look cute!

Hope you are all staying healthy and can enjoy the Holidays!! :)

Look forward to hearing all about it.

steffenboysmom said...

Cute pics of your little man! Best wishes for when they are all home for break!!

Lyr said...

My house is pretty insane as well. But load of fun right? Love the pictures!