Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Part 2

Once Allie finally woke up on Christmas morning the kids were very happy that they could start opening presents. All I heard until she woke up was begging to open just one single present.

Lucas got a new DSI from his grandmother-he was extremely happy that he had the new one on the market!

My sweet girl with her daddy.

The best thing about watching Jacob open presents is that he has absolute best expressions with every single thing he opens!

Here's Lucas getting his guitar lessons.

Caleb opening his remote control car-his expressions were pretty cool too. As soon as he opened one present he wanted it out of the box and ready to play. He wasn't happy when he couldn't take every single thing out as soon as he opened it.

Allie opening one of her presents-this one was a ride on toy for inside the house. Her brother loved it as much as she did-so much so he got his own for his birthday.

Jacob got a HUGE wrestling ring from his grandparents. He is inlove!!!!!

This was one of the best parts! Lucas and Jacob asked for a WII for Christmas from Santa. We told them everytime they mentioned it that they hadn't been good enough for something like that and it wasn't going to happen. They opened their Santa first thing that morning and when it wasn't the WII they knew it wasn't going to happen. Before Lucas opened this present we told him that there had been a mistake and that we thought Santa was going to bring him something specific but it turned out that he didn't so what we had gotten him was going to have to be returned. He looked so sad as he opened it-it was a Wii nunchuk.

Then came this present-it was to both boys so they both got to open it. It was their WII and let's just say they were more than excited!!!!!! Best expressions ever!

Here's my picture that I wrote about yesterday. It's got the kids pictures on the bottom with their handprints as the background. Then the bubbles are what the kids thought we were dreaming of for Christmas. David a blue motorcycle and me a pink jeep. I'm in love with this picture!!!!!! Everything was handmade!




Sharon said...

Such wonderful pictures! I love that homemade picture. Oh my gosh, what a sweet gift!

McCrakensx4 said...

I read through both of your Christmas posts and it looks as though fun was had by all! Love the awesome and what a great keepsake!

Stacy said...

That picture of them and the Wii is priceless!!!!

Wow, that picture your cousin made is beautiful!!

Vicky said...

Can you adopt me? Wow, you guys know how to do Christmas! Very sweet pictures. And the artwork is definitely one of a kind and really a cool piece to have!

Cassie said...

Wow! they got some really awesome presents for Christmas!

Laura said...

Love all the pictures and expressions, how fun to watch them open all their stuff!! Also the love Daddy/daughter picture, so sweet.

JC said...

What an awesome pic! and Christmas! :)

misguided mommy said...

uggg i am so jealous i really want one of those DS thingies so I can play all those rad games I see famous people playing on TV

ps I asked a question on my blog come answer it

Stephanie said...

LOVE their expressions when they opened the Wii.

What a neat gift!! He did a great job!

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh what great pictures from a wonderful, fun-filled day. I do LVOE all the expressive faces as they opened gifts. Great shots!

That pic from the kids is pretty awesome. You'll treasure that one!

Keri said...

I just love those sweet expressions your kids gave! They are so grown up and absolutely adorable. Glad you all enjoyed your Christmas. Fabulous photos!

Heather said...

Wow, the kids scored on gifts!!! The boys' expressions were great! And I LOVE that last picture, especially that you only see half their faces. So creative!

Lyr said...

I am finally returning from being MIA from blog world so long and I have so much to catch up on in your life! Off to read all I've missed! ;)

♥Kim said...

Stephanie that picture is remarkable! I love it! Tell your cousin I want one! lol

The kids expressions were hilarious about that Wii game, poor Lucas. :)

I'm so glad ya'll had a great Christmas.