Thursday, August 12, 2010

Up and Running Again - Almost

These pictures have absolutely nothing to do with this post other than the fact that they were taken in the summer :)

I feel like I have been constantly running this week. Yesterday I had to help out at school making copies for teachers - all 7500 copies that were made and my back felt broke by the end of it! By the time I got home I didn't get everything done I'd have liked to - you see we've had mouse issues in our house for a while now (more on that soon) so my time has been consumed by covering up sneaky little smells or trying to at least. Pain in the butt!!!

One of my most favorite pictures EVER!!!

So today I'm at the finish line - well almost. We leave for the beach for our whirlwind weekend first thing tomorrow morning. I have cleaning to do/laundry to wash(lots of laundry to wash)/shopping to do/packing to do/we have meet the teacher for Lucas and Jacob tonight/baseball practice after that/then more packing to do I'm sure. Busy day! However it's my quiet time and I could be doing all that while the kids are asleep I suppose - instead I'm sitting here blogging.

School starts Monday - I've had school shopping done for a few weeks now - it feels good to not have to rush out and get everything at the last minute. I'm so not ready for it though! I'm not ready for the schedules again - the early mornings/homework most of all and the stress of whether they are doing what they are supposed to with grades,etc. I just want summer for another 3 months. I used to be one of those that hated summer - give me year round school for my kids because I don't want them all home for 3 months - so stressful. I don't know what happened this year but I wouldn't trade it for anything. We've truly had one of the best summers ever! True at times it's been stressful and I've felt like pulling my hair out with all of them here plus friends a lot of the time but it's been fun. I am DREADING Monday!

Not just the schedule either - we all say it every year when they start school or get a year older. I can't believe..... but really I can't believe Lucas is going to be a 4th grader and Jacob is going into 1st. It just terrifies me! I worry about if Jacob will be able to keep up with everything - I know it's going to be hard work and totally different from last year - no more centers and all that play stuff in the classroom and I worry about him. Lucas can do it and handle it - no doubt in my mind. That kid is an Einstein if he puts effort into it. Last year he had a few issues not wanting to try and we encountered problems with that - I'm praying this year is different. All in all they are excited and ready for school - I think they miss their friends and they've said they're ready to go back. I'm sure they won't say that Monday morning at 7:30 though :)




Kelli @ RTSM said...

I hope you have a great beach weekend! Good luck with all that laundry:) Laundry before and after vacation is always the worst! I was ready for school this year...but it is already stressing me out a little bit!

Vicky said...

You know, we still have 4 weeks till school starts and for once I don't mind. I so get what you are saying here. I am not ready for the homework battles and the organization of all the other activities... but catch me in a week and I may feel differently :)

gorgeous photos Stephanie, really great shots :)

Annie said...

what happened to summer!?!? it went WAY too fast!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow you start earlier than we do. I am sure they will be excited for the first two days and then it will be when is it summer? LOL
Cute pictures...I just love outdoor summer pictures. They come out so great.


Love the pool and all the great pics. How are you? Is everything ok? Thinking of you my friend,

Stacy said...

Yeah, the last couple of days before school are CRAZY!

~ Noelle said...

7500 copies?!
great pics