Friday, August 20, 2010

Totally Out Of It

I've been in a major rut this week! Lucas and Jacob started school on Monday and I was majorly down for the first part of the week and for the remainder - well I've just felt blah. No motivation to do anything at all and what I have accomplished I have had to make myself do it.

I've had not a single desire to get out of the bed each day - and when I convince myself that I absolutely have to get up each morning the "dumps" start. It's been a major adjustment to the kids starting school this year - I don't know why. We got in our own "schedule" if you will and we all operated pretty well together on it. I had no desire at all for summer to end. I miss the ability to spend the time with them all day and do things together - I miss being able to keep them up late and then them sleep half the morning away. I miss having all the noise around my house day in and day out. Crazy I know!

Caleb and Allie start at a local preschool next week for two days a week 3 hrs each time. I plan to use that time working at the school - I think they need that time to socialize with other kids and to eventually prepare for kindergarten but I can't come home and sit on my rump while they are there - I'd go insane! That's another panic induced situation for me - leaving them. I pray they do well!

So with this week - I'm way behind on everything. I convinced myself to clean the bathrooms this afternoon and I've semi kept up on my laundry but other than that it's all waiting on me. Allie having a cold and coughing all night long last night didn't help my Friday today either. I have tons to blog on and lots of pictures to share from our beach trip and school starting so hopefully I'll be back in the groove in the coming days. Hopefully!




~ Noelle said...

get those beach pics up girl!!!!
and swing on by, you have an award waiting on you...

Paige said...

Good luck getting back into the groove. I am having a hard time myself getting into our "first" school transition. Hopefully we will be in a routine before long!