Thursday, April 9, 2009

Growing Up?

My kids call one of their grandmothers Nendny. Lucas and Jacob go over to Nendny and Papa's house frequently and absolutely love it. My mom has been bugging me for awhile now about Caleb coming over to her house. I brushed it off and just kept saying that he wasn't old enough yet and really never thought anymore about it..I would quickly push it out of my mind because honestly I didn't want to think about it. The thought of him not being in my house when I went to bed at night...of not being able to walk in his room after he's asleep and cover him one last time and kiss him sweet little face scared me to death. I worry about the small stuff....I stressed over the fact that he drinks alot of orange juice and she drinks it with pulp and he might not like it so I needed to make sure I told her to get pulp free(which she would have done in a heartbeat!) but my mind just went in every direction. A few days ago she kept asking me about him spending the night so I finally gave in...She wanted to come and get him on Wednesday so he could spend the night and then she was going to get the other two boys for a few days after that. Honestly from that second that I agreed I stressed..I lost sleep..I worried. I mentioned it to him Tuesday night and started talking it up to him and he was soooo excited! He kept saying that "He was going to Nendny's and going to spend the night." My stomach was in knots when I got up yesterday morning and I honestly I realized that he was probably ready but I was absolutely not. So when he got up from his nap it was time for her to come pick him up and he was very happy..she got here and he told her he was going to spend the night with her so we got his stuff and I went to go put his carseat in her car.........HE DIDN'T MOVE. He wanted to go bye bye in my car...but he wouldn't go near hers. After about 15 minutes of talking I realized that he wasn't going to go...he quickly changed his mind and said that he didn't want to go and that he wanted to stay home. Of course the other two took the opportunity to go one day earlier so they're gone now but I still have my baby boy. People may think he's a big boy but inside he's still a momma's boy and I might be a horrible person but oh how I love it and just like more more knots in my stomach..and last night as I tucked him and gave him a kiss before I went to bed last night I was extra thankful for my little boy.

I love this face!

As soon as they left this is where he was at...happy and at home!


Lori said...

there is plenty of time to grow up... and more occasions to sleep away from home. At least he realized it before he left your house and didn't panic once he got there

Stacy said...

It's hard letting them go spend the night somewhere. My kids have ONLY spent the night with my in-laws. Just the thought of them staying somewhere else scares me too. I worry when they just go somewhere for the

Jiff said...

Isn't it funny how kiddos have the strangest fears? Like not wanting to get in her car... some kids won't wear certain colors, etc. I think it's amusing.

But glad you feel better. :)

Alicia said...

Steph - this really tugged at my heart strings. I am the same exact way about my kids. I was so over protective that me and a few family members actually had a falling out over it. I have eased up a little bit but NOT MUCH. I have never spent an entire weekend away from my kids and Brea is 3. I just can't do it. I'm not ready. Not saying anything bad about other mothers that does at all.

As I was reading your post I was steading shaking my head yes and tears were just a flowing. I'm so damn emotional about this topic because it lays heavy on my heart. We will know when were ready to make that step but for right now it's baby steps. :o)

theArthurClan said...

He'll soon be at an age where he'll be ready to go to grandma's at's great that you're enjoying this time together with him now. :) He's a cutie!

He And Me + 3 said...

Awe...that is so sweet. I have one that needs to be at home to sleep too, and I am ok with that.

Shannon said...

He's a cutie in those pics. When my son goes to his grandparents he's like "Bye Mom" and never looks back. I think my daughter will be more like your son and want to be home.
I have had a few long, hard months but God has got me through.

Sneaky Momma said...

Stephanie, I don't blame you one bit for feeling that way.
Both of our girls started spending the occasional night away (about once every two months) from home when they were infants. The only people I trust them with are my mom and dad, even today. It makes me nervous when my oldest spends the night in my inlaws room when we go visit them because I can't go in and check on her like I do at home.
Have a great Easter. :)

Veronica said...

Hi Stephanie,

Just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you on my blog.
Talk to you later!