Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Save My Life

I know I know...you aren't supposed to depend on tvs for entertainment when it comes to your children. I really try not to but there are times I just have to have a break. I recently moved the tv from my kitchen into the boys room.....strictly to watch dvds on...no cable or anything in there...at least that way I can know what they are watching and have control over it. It's not news that Lucas and Jacob don't get along when they are together(when they are apart they are constantly asking when the other is coming and how much they miss each other)so this was a minor miracle. I walked in and they were actually quiet and behaving. This could very possibly save my life. Or so I thought....

It only lasted for about 15 minutes after I left the room...then they were back to normal!

I can hope,can't I?

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