Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family Pics

We FINALLY went and got family pictures done....wayyyyyyyyyyy overdue! Also got Allie's done...of course I have taken tons of pictures of her with my camera but I had not gotten the professionally taken yet. My dad and stepmom came and we got a family pictures taken and one of them with kids. Couldn't talk my mom into coming so hopefully I can chain her down and get that done later. I tell you...it never fails to amaze me the stress of having pictures done. It takes me days to get everything ready and nerves of steel to deal with kids in the studio and drink after drink when I get home. However...they are done and I am happy with the outcome...if only I could take off 20 lbs now...everything would be perfect!


sara said...

How can you even TALK about 20#!?! You just had a baby (a beautiful one, by the way!!)

We use Sonlight Curriculum (2 years now) and LOVE it! It has everything laid out for you; reading schedules, lesson plans, etc. Some others that are common are:

My Father's World
Alpha Omega
Bob Jones

Sonlight is very literature rich & easy to do multiple children with :) Which we come in handy for you! The reading ALL the kids benefit from. My kids who are three years apart share a Core - meaning they do all history, science and read alouds together. Plus, we are building our heirloom library (lol!!) or, we are just getting some fantastic books that the kids love!

I love talking about it if you want to email me!

Windy said...

Beautiful pics! I think you look great - couldn't lose 20!

Amanda said...

How cute!!! I love that little dress Allie is wearing!!! I am HOPING to take Lauren to get hers done like next week...then her and the big brother the end of Sept when he turns 2!!
We are way overdue for a family portrait too!!!

Tami said...

Your pics turned out great. We need to do that too. But it is such a pain and usually my pictures (or my sister-in-law's) turn out just as good. And they are a whole lot cheaper.