Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jacob's Field Trip

I was able to go on Jacob's first field trip with him last week before the "flu" hit our house. We left first thing in the morning heading to the orchard and Jacob was so excited that I was able to go with him. I headed to school with my camera in tow of course because I couldn't let the day go by without capturing all the memories!

There were many things they did at this orchard that I thought was cheaply put together...I think next year I'm going to look for a really good quality orchard to go visit as a family but his class enjoyed it this year and of course didn't know the difference between cheap and not.

The first thing we did was go on a wagon ride. I think it was technically supposed to be a hay ride but there was no hay!

After that they got to see the bunnies and then we moved to the goats/roosters and there was a baby pig. I could have scooped the pig up and taken him home. Of course as soon as he got huge and fat I would have wanted to get rid of him but he was absolutely adorable as a small little piglet.

Then they went through the maze...supposed to resemble a corn maze but it was just put up with fake walls...not too impressing.

Jacob is on the front row..second from the left.

They finally got to get their apples and a small pumpkin and we had lunch while we were there at the picnic tables. Shortly after they loaded back on the buses and headed back to school.

Since it was so close to dismissal I went ahead and sat in the line waiting on Lucas and Jacob. I brought my book with me and was able to sit in line for an entire hour and read all by was pure bliss!


He & Me + 3 said...

I love that their shirts all match. Cute. Field trips are always fun...even if they don't meet our expectations, the kids still have fun being out of the classroom. How cool to get to read for an hour alone. Yeah you!

Stacy said...

Yeah some Orchards look a little "cheap" but the kids never know:)

I sure he was really glad that you came with him.

I love reading when it's nice and quite!

Erin said...

Wow how fun. I can't wait to be able to go with Alex on her field trips ( i can wait but I just think it will be a blast ). Great pictures and I wish it was sunny and nice here for short sleeves!

Laura said...

Oh how fun!! That's so great that you got to go with them. I love field trips, I can't wait until my kids get to do stuff like that!

Vicky said...

We have had such cold and rainy wet weather we haven't even made it to the pumpkin patch this year :) Enjoy it for what it is I guess and someday your kids will visit it again and go "I don't remember it being this cheap, I thought it was the coolest ever!"

Windy said...

love the pumpkinn patch field trips! we are going on Friday as a family - our schools are out Fri and Mon - YAY!!

McCrakensx4 said...

At least you have an apple orchard to go too!!! The closet one to us is 4 hrs away! Love that all of their shirts match!

Kristin said...

I never knew what a wonderful thing an hour alone was before I had the dude. Ah ha

Shay said...

I don't know of an apple orchard anywhere around here! We are in Beaufort, we get little pumpkin patches set up at churches =-) lol
Im glad you guys have fun, my cousin actually has a pig for a pet! It really is not that big yet and its been a year!