Friday, February 26, 2010

5 Question Friday

I missed out on 5 Question Friday last week but I'm excited to be back and into the groove again. Head over to Mama M's blog and join in over at My Little Life.

For this week here goes ~

1. Do you sing karaoke? If so, what is your go to song?

I have only done karaoke 1 time-that's right one single measly time. I'm a wimp I know!!!! To make it even lamer I was in the sixth grade when I did it. I was at a friend's birthday party and we sang to a Vince Gill song. I'm not stupid enough to try it again unless you sound playing with the kids on the Wii Disney Sing along.

2. What is your favorite coffee drink?

I LOVE vanilla lattes as big as they come however it is very very rare that I get one-I'm talking like 2 times a year. My everyday routine is several cups of black coffee. I used to load it with cream and sugar but I got tired of wasting money on creamer so I gave it up and started drinking it black.

3. If you could choose your own name, what would it be?

I actually like my name however I would drop my middle name if I could-which technically I can which is why I suppose I did when I got married. My middle name is Gail and I never liked it at all. The story is told that when I was born my dad liked Stephanie and my mom liked Gail so that was how they decided on my name. Then when they got divorced my dad didn't like Gail so he called me Stephanie and my mom continued to call me Gail. Basically I was called 2 different names my entire life until I was old enough to decide for myself. My mom still calls me Gail most of the time though it's weird hearing it.

4. Were you ever bullied?

I wouldn't call it bullied. I was picked on in middle school but I wouldn't say I was bullied. It sucked and I hated it but it was a fact of life at the time. I can't say I've actually ever seen someone get bullied like I hear about nowadays.

5. How often do you eat fast food?

Not often. We will go through stages where we'll want it. I'd say maybe once a week though there are many weeks we'll go without fast food at all. When I eat it I feel like crap afterwards though it sure tastes good going down.




Courtney said...

Thanks for doing this, it was fun learning some new things about you. Have a great weekend!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love vanilla lattes too. Yum. I dont' like coffee enough to drink it black but load it with flavored cream and I could drink it all day:)

Vicky said...

So true about the fast food! We don't eat very much of it either and someone always ends up with a stomach ache after we've had it.

Erin said...

The entire name thing confuses me. How were you called two different names your entire life? I never knew that about you!

I don't do the whole singing in front of people either!

Alicia said...

Yah, that would be weird having two names! Or, I guess it would be like having a nickname??

McCrakensx4 said...

Fun getting to know you through 5 question Friday...I may have to try it one of these Fridays!! I don't drink coffee...never had liked it and sadly we eat fast food way more than we should! Enjoy your weekend!

MarvelousMOM said...

You can't go wrong with a vanilla latte! :)