Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day Antics

We tried...I swear I did but it didn't work. Today was Jacob's first day of school and I had arranged for Caleb to go to Mother's Morning Out two days a week while Jacob was there. They were going to be at the same school right down the hall from one another so he was familar with where he was going however he has never been away from me other than with his grandparents. I was worried about how he was going to do...I really didn't think he would take to it. We got up this morning and got ready...took our pictures and headed out. We took Jacob to his room first and I asked Caleb if he wanted to go down the hall and play. He said yes so off we went. He played for a while and I told him I was going to go and check on Jacob and I would be right back. He ran after me and started crying so I stayed for a while. He played great...about 15 minutes later he went in a house to play so I walked out while he was occupied and couldn't see me. Not two minutes went by before he realized I wasn't there and he was running for the door crying. I promise I tried...I REALLY DID! I stood outside in the hallway for 30 minutes...he didn't stop crying...I waited it out...I gave him ample time to calm down but he would have none of it. Most everyone was crying...only two kids were dry eyed but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't leave him there when he hadn't calmed down after that long. They tried to give him a cookie,etc but he wanted none of it. Now for those of you that know Caleb you know that he will always calm down for food...he loves food...eats day and night but no..not today. So here we are. We're home.

I gave Allie a bath alittle while ago and here was our conversation:

Mommy:"I Love you Caleb...do you know that?"
Mommy:"Do you love me,Caleb..do you love Mommy?"
Mommy:"Do you want to go to school and play with toys?"
Caleb:"No"(followed by persistent shaking of his head)
Mommy:"Do you want to stay home with Mommy?"

Okay he says it all!!! I still have two babies!! He loves me still...he's recovered and doesn't think I abandoned him...I'll try again sometime but for now he's here RIGHT WHERE HE BELONGS!


After(safe at home)


Windy said...

Bless his little heart! I couldn't have left him either. He looks so cute lying on the floor, and so innocent. Who would have known the trauma he went through earlier:)
PS I'm your first comment today!

Amanda said...

Oh I couldn't leave him either crying like that. Avery does very well going to daycare, but there are some mornings lately where he has a melt down when I go to leave!

Christine said...

They are still so little. It is hard for themto fly the coup!

bjkingia@charter.net said...

He needs to come stay with his Nendny!! :)

sara said...

What a sweetie pie!! I'd have scooped him up myself!

jennifer said...

How sweet.

Thanks for all your comments while I was evacuated! I appreciated them very much. I am finally home and getting to catch up with everyone.

There is nothing wrong with keeping them little as long as you can. Cade cried for weeks when I left him that first year of preschool (he was 2). He finally stopped and loved it, but I don't think he ever cried for that long.