Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Catching" Up

Oh my....I am SO far behind. Hopefully I will catch up this weekend...that's my goal! Things have been alittle crazy around here. Seems I have been incapable of catching up on clothes and getting anything done so hopefully that will happen this weekend also.

So Lucas started fall ball alittle over a month ago. He had his first game last weekend. He's catching this year and he has been so excited about it! Possibly TMI but just have to put it down...we had to go and buy him a cup since he was going to be catching. He was so ready for it he was up at 6:30 last Saturday morning. It was kinda cute! When it was time to leave he had to show everyone his cup and it was just the oddest but funniest thing I have seen. He did pretty good....still has to practice alot but he enjoyed it immensely. He reminded me of the tin man though...when he would walk seemed like the equipment was so big on him he would just clump,clump,clump...when he ran I couldn't help but giggle!!

Hardest part about ballgames is keeping the other kids entertained. Jacob is the gum boy this year in the dugout. Wanted to be the bat boy but that didn't work we gave him the job of handing out the gum to the players. Caleb likes to be all over the place and of course Allie requires constant hands on attention. Without my parents I could never do it at the ballpark at this stage.

Here's my mom with Caleb playing...I get very few pictures of her...she hates to have them taken so any I get are treasured!!!

This is my mom #2(my stepmom but I don't like to call her that!!!! Just don't think of her that way) with Allie...she had blanket over her head because I'm a horrible mom...I forgot her hat :(


Windy said...

Cute pictures!

sara said...

Isn't the best part of sitting through youth sports the uniforms?? And the cute pictures that we force them to take!?

Steffie B. said...

You have such a darling family....thank you for asking about Emmie....we are still waiting to see the Neurologist....she still is having headaches....I feel helpless many, many days.
Have a great week...