Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yes it's me and No I'm not dead. Though I have felt that way more times than I can count over these last several weeks. I quickly found out with the kitchen being remodeled and having a house that looked like a tornado had blown through that I could not keep up with blogging and you know me-when I can't keep up with it I stress about it so I just gave up the fight for a while. You'd figure since I'm back that must mean our kitchen is complete,right? NOT - nope - no way - no how. We're still utilizing plywood with a cheap redneck $5 tablecloth tacked down as our countertop. The countertop people obviously don't feel that it is as important to get them down as we do so we're still waiting. It's been delayed several times, this latest one because of the Easter holiday and shipping so we're now waiting on next Monday to come.

For now here's current kitchen pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

This is the way my living room looked for about 2 weeks while we were in the thick of the remodel. Imagine 7 people trying to get around in here. It was INSANE!

New cabinets up and things beginning to take shape. Old countertop still up with sink but everything else gone.

Love how much more room it gave us by pushing cabinets out 2 feet!!!! Such a difference bc now people can actually walk in the kitchen now while I'm cooking without me feeling like they're right on top of me.

New paint color.

And finally, the tile. We had to take every single one of these stickers off and the goo. Lord what a mess what was!

I'm bound and determined to get back into the blogging world though. I've missed everyone so much! Seems like over the past few months it's always been something. I take a break - get back into it - take a break - get back into it again so now my ultimate goal is to not have to take a break again :) I'll probably never catch up completely but I'll be browsing around and slowly catching up with everyone. Spring break is over today and it's the kids first day back at school. I'm surprisingly sad to see them leave again - I got used to having them home and especially loved not having to worry about the 8 pm bedtime every night. I found things were so much easier when we didn't have that time looming over our heads. It is only a short 30 something days before summer though I should probably enjoy them being gone while I can because once June gets here I'm sure they'll be driving me crazy!




Stacy said...

I know how you feel about getting behind and never catching up!! The kitchen is looking great!

Cassie said...

Well I'm glad you're alive! Seriously, I've been wondering where you were. I almost emailed you to check, but I didn't want to seem creepy LOL. I know you'll be happy when the remodel is done but at least you can see a lot of progress already!

Vicky said...

Always a joy to see you pop to the top of my blog list :) Guess what... we are almost ready to start the exact same kitchen remodel!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

The kitchen looks great so far! Sorry it has taken so long:( I'm sure remodeling with a house full of kids is no fun! I have missed seeing you around blogland...glad you are back:)

Stephanie said...

I know how hard it is to live around a horrible mess... our house is STILL a work in progress a year later. I'm able to keep it fairly organized but we have an ugly temporary countertop in the kitchen, and the cabinets aren't done. Our main bathroom doesn't have a sink and the wall is just drywall. I try not to let it drive me crazy but it does. I can't wait until we get it all done.

Your kitchen is looking great!! I love it. That paint color is almost exactly what we have in our kitchen/dining room/living room It's nice, it goes with everything.

I can't wait to see the "all finished" pictures!

Kelly said...

It is looking great! I love how bright it is now with the white! Can't wait till you are back!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Glad to see you back! Yeah I've been gone forever too.. lol, it's always something!

I couldn't even imagine having to live through a remodel with 6 other people.. ahhh! lol... crazy.. I give you props.. Hope to you around more soon!

Erin said...

we will be here when you get back :) Don't stress!!! Love the look of the kitchen, can't wait to see it FINISHED!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I hope that you are back to stay. It is shaping up, but I agree...remodeling can really throw off schedules and routines living around obstacles is no fun...but so worth it.

Tutus said...

Wow! I hope the remodel is finished soon, what a pain, but it will be worth it! I found your site while looking for girls tutus and thought I would drop you a line! Good luck with everything! Put up the after photos too!

McCrakensx4 said...

I was just thinking I hadn't heard from you in awhile! So glad you are alive and doing well! Your kitchen is going to be so nice! Love the cabinets and the floors! Can't wait to see the finished product!

♥Kim said...

Well hello lady! I was beginning to worry about you! I've missed your sweet post! Glad things are starting to look up in the house. Kitchen looks awesome so far. I know you cannot wait for it to all be complete! I can only imagine with all 7 in the house. lol

Oh & I've felt the same way lately, I go from being glued to Facebook & forget about blogging world then go back to blogging. Know what ya mean!

Drew said...

How exciting! I wish I could get a new kitchen. My kitchen is straight out of the 50s...metal cabinets and stainless steel countertops. Currently 2 of 4 walls in our living room are gutted...my upstair's bathroom is gutted. It's not fun, but hopefully once summer comes around or at least once I'm done with college, we can get finished up with the remodeling.

Your kitchen looks great. Just changing to white and getting rid of the beams helps lighten things up. I bet your kitchen feels so much larger. I like how open everything is!