Monday, September 28, 2009


Started off bad because I over slept:

6:58 Roll out of bed and wake kids up
7:15 Come out of bedroom..finish fixing lunches and water bottles...finish getting kids ready for school
7:30 Leave to take two older boys to school
7:40 Realize that Lucas left his lunch in the car
7:45 Feed two babies breakfast
8:00 Call vet for Bandit and get ok to take him in at 8:30
8:05 Dress Caleb and Allie...put makeup on
8:20 Head out door to vet
8:30 Vet appt...30 minutes and $150 later..diagnosis scratched cornea with around the clock drops and ointments and return visit on Wednesday. First drops and ointment dose.
9:00 Drop Bandit off at home
9:05 Head to school to drop Lucas' lunch off
9:20 Head to doctors office for Allie's wellcheck
9:30 Wrangle kids out of car for the 6th time already this morning and head into doctor
10:20 FINALLY get called back
11:00 Leave doctors office
11:20 Get home and start lunch for Caleb and Allie
11:30 Make up 3 beds..separate colors and whites for laundry...empty dishwasher and get ready for naps
12:00 Put Caleb down for nap and feed Allie her bottle
12:15 Eat 3 pieces of country ham and a pack of 100 calorie Oreo crisps. Second ointment dose for Bandit.
12:30 Allie awakes
12:45 Allie can't sleep for coughing so up we are
1:20 Caleb emerges from his room with no nap at all and a Bob The Builder toy in hand
2:00 Head back to school to pick up two older boys
2:40 Head to grocery store with all 4 kids(I'm insane) to get a few things
3:30 Start homework
4:00 Start on cake for David's birthday because I couldn't stand spending $15 on a premade one when I could make it for $3. Third ointment dose for Bandit.
5:00 Showers and dinner
8:00 Bedtime
9:30 Fourth dose of ointment and drops.

Seeing this face though makes it all worthwhile. Bless her heart she has felt like crap for well over a week now. We have gone through almost 3 boxes of tissues and she is raw! I wish I could take it away from her. Seems to be beginning to feel alittle better but that nose isn't slowing down.

Just a clip of my day....Geez! I think tomorrow I'm going to sit on my caboose and not move...if only that were feasible.

Anybody having issues with their dashboard? When I log in it doesn't list all of the blogs that have been updated only about 10 or 15 and then the list ends. Also after I view one blog no matter how far down the list I am it goes right back up to the very first one again. Is it just me or is this a blogger issue out there?


Veronica said...

So sorry you had such a crummy day! I really do hope things start getting better soon!!!

Vicky said...

Yep, you win for most insane! Hopefully you sleep well at night! Poor Allie, that does look raw and miserable. Hope the dog is okay :) Happy Tuesday, may your caboose be rested!

No trouble with my dashboard...

Sneaky Momma said...

My, you're one busy woman! It's so hard to cram everything in every day. I can imagine how hard it must be with four kids! :)

I haven't noticed the blogger issue, but perhaps that's because I can't seem to find time to get on anymore. :)

Kelly said...

That is one eventful day!

Windy said...

hope everything starts to calm down for you and Allie starts feeling better soon:)
my dashboard is telling me I don't follow anyone!

Becca said...

I'm tired just reading that. And I'm totally impressed you put makeup on :-)

Shay said...

This made me smile, busy life...but a great life! This little one's seem to make everything worth it in the end =-)

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, bless her little heart! That poor nose does look painful. =0(

I always hate it when mine are sick. Cam's home from school yet again today --- with a fever. Ugggh.


PropellerHeadMom said...

Whoa - that was an insane day! Poor little nose :-(

Alicia W. said...

Have I ever told you that I think your super mom? Well, you are! Muah

♥Kim said...

Aw Steph, bless her little heart! Poor thing! She looks very miserable! I hope things get better!!!!