Monday, February 4, 2008

Trying this out

This is new for me. I got introduced to this blog through Lucas' fall baseball coach. He and his wife are adopting alittle girl from China and she used this while she was gone. I thought it would be a good way for everyone to stay updated on the boys and be able to see pictures of them on a more regular basis. Bare with me as I am new to this and it will take me a while to figure it all out. I hope you all enjoy it though...I absolutely love taking the pictures.

This is Caleb on his 1st birthday. It was so much fun watching him eat his cake!! Took him a while to get into it but once he did he just dug in and of course the bath followed.

Here's Lucas getting ready for 100 day at school last week. He decided to take 100 Pokemon cards this year. Funny thing is he picked them out and then sat down and counted 6 times through them. Everytime someone started having a conversation he would lose count.

I love this picture of Caleb. He was trying to get me to smell his feet last night...that's one of his favorite games right now. He is so much fun to spend time with!

Wow....Jacob's first little girlfriend. This is little Emily and he met her this year at preschool. He just loves her to death. When he was out during the week that we traveled to OK for Grandpa's funeral and he got back she just ran up to him...hugged his neck so tight and told him how much she missed him and how happy she was that he was back. Funniest thing is that she has decided that at her wedding she wants Chick Fil A nuggets..juice boxes and pudding cups. If only it was going to be that easy all through life.

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Bubba said...

I LOVE THIS!!! I know I get to see the kids all the time - but now I can share with my friends.
The kids #1 BUBBA.